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May 30, 2008

31 May

Today Addison is officially 9 months old!! Which means my “baby weight” excuse is slipping further and further away. 😦 I kept telling myself that I will lose the weight by the time she is 4 months old……and then it changed to 6 months…….and then 9 months. *Sigh* I guess we are going to have to give it a 1 year deadline. Yes, so that gives me 3 more months!! YIKES. Looks like I need to loose at LEAST 10 pounds a month. Surely that can be done, right?? I wish there was a way to “think yourself thin.” Truthfully, I do know I am skinny….but everytime I take pictures a fat woman stands in front of me. What do you do??
Anyway, enough about me. Addison is walking so well! She can go from one end of the living room to the other sometimes by herself. I am just amazed at how much she can do. Just 9 SHORT months ago she was just entering this world and now she can walk??? What? That just doesn’t seem possible. It is amazing how God made us. I mean we really don’t change in appearance too much in 9 months unless you are a brand new baby and then the changes come too quickly-especially for mothers.
I am sure Glynese can testify to time traveling too quickly when it comes to your kiddos….because today was also Miranda’s Birthday!! Miranda wanted to have a scrapbooking party so Pamela and I had the pleasure of helping give her one. Pam and I each designed a scrapbook page and had the girls create one like it. I had so much fun! Even though it was a super busy day, scrapbooking is still one of my favorite things to do. I did try to make some No Bake Cookies for the guests……and I was making them late last night around midnight…but they didn’t set. Booohoo 😦 Maybe it was because I was half asleep, who knows. Now, they are just taunting me sitting in the fridge. It’s not like they still don’t taste delicious..they are just a lot gooier and messier. I am trying to resist..but it’s the weekend! Who can stick to a diet on a weekend??
Anyway, after doing some hair and having the scrap party, Mamaw, Jana, and I went to Bealls and I spent my gift card, that I got from Chris for Mother’s Day, on a new purse! Yay! I am stylin’ now. Probably the best purse I have ever owned! Mamaw couldn’t resist purchasing a new little onesie for Addison that says “My heart belongs to grandma!” Which it does! Jana is also spoiling her rotten by buying her a couple of cutie-patootie outfits. Yes, she is loved..that’s for sure! 🙂

Kickin’ it at Crazy House Western Wear

Scrapbook girls:Shelby, Jamie, & Hannah

Birthday Girl Miranda, & Shelby

Scrapboook page created by Me!

Scrapbook page created by Pamela! She cut out all those letters by hand, not only for her example page, but for each of the girls! Thank you Pamela!

Mamaw holding Addison while she is sporting her new onesie.


29 May

I finally got Addison bathed and in bed and I am so glad. I hardly have time to say hi to Chris somedays. He is usually asleep before I get a chance to bathe and lock up and all for the night. 😦 It was my night tonight at church to keep the nursery and I was super nervous about it. I have been back there before, when Addison was a little hard to handle or something, but never officially as the nursery worker for the night. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not that I did not want to keep it, I just wasn’t sure where anything was or anthing like that. It’s new territory so it makes me nervous. I mean, what if there were no more GoldFish to hand out??? Or I couldn’t find diaper wipes? Or what if one of the babies started screaming for their mom or something? I didn’t really have to worry about any of that thanks to good friends to help me and keep me company. Thank you Amy!! I loves ya! 🙂
I also had a dear sweet friend to help me out this afternoon with Cenzie and Addison. Now doesn’t Melissa look like a natural at this?? I think motherhood is in her future! 🙂

Melissa & Cenzie

I love this picture. You can see Addison’s two teeth shining! 🙂 As you notice, she is WALKING to me!! She has just started doing really really well with the walking. She can walk clear across the room without falling sometimes! She has also mastered a few words. Of course we have Ma-ma (Me), Da-da (Dad), Mi-Mi(Milk), Maaa (Mamaw), De-e(Dixie, the dog..although she calls Pippa De-e too), Bay (Baby), and Dut (duck..she has duck bath toys) Can you tell she is going to be a talker?? Just like Me and just like Mamaw!

Here she is playing with Dixie….right AFTER she took a bath. Yes, I know, defeats the purpose of a bath when you let her roll around with the dog afterwards. But she loves it and has fun. Now, look at these pictures. Isn’t Dixie a great dog? She puts up with a lot!

LOL! Priceless!


28 May

This has GOT to be the luckiest week I have had in forever..cause guess what??? I am getting new carpet too! Chris went and looked today and I am going to take the girls tomorrow and pick out what I want. He said for me to pick it out and he will pay for it. WOW! I can’t get much more excited. SO, come over not this weekend but the next and I should hopefully have it all! My plan is to start in one room at a time and get it like I want it. Of course, the living room was by far the worst, but we live in it! I am sooo glad I am getting new carpet now for sure because I let Addie play with some of my makeup while I was putting it on this morning..and she got ahold of my eyeshadow that had busted purple eyeshadow in it. And yes, now there is a purple spot on my carpet….but WHO CARES! Next week it’s getting ripped up! Don’t worry, no more living room make-over’s once I get the new carpet and furniture!

My hubby also had a good day at work today and recieved some great compliments. I am so proud of him! C’mon girls, now isn’t he the best?? I told ya!

Addie played with some of her buddies today and had a great time! Here are some pics of Addison and Cenzie, the 3 Mo. old that I babysit. She LOVES to give her kisses and Cenzie is surprisingly lackadasical about it.

Here, Addie and Allie are “painting” my door…with my kitchen tools. (Those things you use to baste meat with) Looks like I should have given them some soap so they could wash the door instead of paint.

5/25/08 & 5/26/08

27 May
I am super tired and have nothing clever to i will let the pictures do the talking. *sigh* Another weekend gone! Where does the time go?
Addison found my silky robe and loved playing with it. Just thought it was cute!

I gave her a cracker for the first time and she isn’t sure what to do with it.

Memorial Day @ Mom and Dad’s

Poppy making hamburgers…lots of ’em.

Chris & Me

Angelia, Heather, Karen, & Me (Maybe I should wear my hair I won’t look as short.haha)

Addison and Grandad

Keegan taking it easy in the leaves.

Seth (He was that was his “dancing look”)


24 May
Guess who learned to play Patty Cake??

It is so stinkin’ cute! She just learned that and now everytime she claps she wants you to sing Patty Cake!

I also got new furniture today!!! I am so excited! Well, it won’t actually be here until June 2 but that gives us time to maybe get some new carpet put in! Our couch and carpet is terrible. Now, my challenge is going to be not to let the dogs get up on the couch! We bought the coffee table that raises up…so if we happen to be in the living room chowing down, the table comes to us. Of course, it slides back down to look like a normal coffee table when you are not using it.

We bought this couch and chair &1/2 and ottoman. Ours comes with 4 extra art deco looking pillows too. I am probably not going to keep them in the living room though because they really don’t go with my “style.” Maybe I will find another place for them or something.. who knows!


22 May

Woooooooohooo! I am excited because David Cook won on American Idol!! If you haven’t watched it off of your DVR yet…so sorry.. I ruined it! That makes me happy after a long tiring day. I know, I am a nerd and always have been. Haha
I had a busy day with Addison and Cenzie and I am exhausted. (I keep Cenzie, a three month old, every Tues. Wed. & Thurs.) It felt like when I finally got one of the babies fed, then the other would need to eat. Or, I finally rocked Addison to sleep and Cenzie would wake up…ect. So, pretty much all day today my hands were completly tied up. Which I shouldn’t complain because it is horrible when they are both crying at the same time because they are sleepy or hungry or whatever. But it just felt like a day with absolutly no down time. Thank goodness my favorite neighbor, Averie came over in the afternoon. Addison loves her and it is so much easier to tend to Cenzie when Jealous Annie isn’t hanging on my pant leg.

I also really thought Jesus was about to come back today! I went outside and Oh My Goodness! The clouds looked amazingly weird! It was like nothing I had ever seen before. I called my Mamaw to check on her because she is extremely nervous about bad weather. I was getting nervous myself.. thinking that this could turn into a tornado or something. (Or, any minute Jesus was going to step out of the sky! I am totally not kidding either. :)) Mamaw’s house blew away in the tornado of ’82 and I figured she was watching the weather channel…which she was. She wouldn’t let me stay on the phone with her because you could get struck by lightening if you are on the phone she says. Anyway, I have dish network and everyone that has dish knows that if the wind changes or anything the satellite goes out. So, if there were a tornado on the way.. i guess I would never have known! And I had two babies to take care of! But God takes care of me! Apparently He just wanted to remind us of how awesome He is. Such a great display, you just can’t help but marvel at His Greatness! Once I realized that Jesus wasn’t coming back today, I went and got the camera so I could take pics of the sky. (Mamaw would have definatly flipped out over that had she been here because it was lightening like mad.) God’s “art” shows are the best aren’t they? 🙂

Addison and Averie

Now, c’mon! You can’t tell me that isn’t amazing!


20 May

Well, looks like I spoke too soon! I was so glad that Addison took a long nap YESTERDAY…but today she woke up at 5:30 am. And of course, I stayed up last night posting my blog till 1am. Needless to say, I am SLEEPY.
We still had a good day though. Addie and I took it easy and just chilled out today. It was great not actually “having” to do anything. (Well, there were things that I probably shoulda coulda done..but oh well!)
We did get to go see my friend/photographer Jami today. She has a brand new baby girl and I just fell in love with her. She is so beautiful and tiny and sweet. I already have a touch of the baby fever again but I definatly want to wait a few years. It is just so hard to remember holding Addison when she was that small even though it has only been 8 months. It is crazy how much babies grow and change the first year! Evelyn is such a good baby too it seems. You cannot see them in the pic but she has the most adorable little dimples just like her momma! Can you tell her mom is a photographer or what?

Chris’ work is celebrating 25 yrs and they want pictures of the employees’ babies dressed in Huggies. Here are a fewpics from our photo shoot today!

I better sleep while she sleeps! Ciao!