Sunday 5/18/08

19 May
Today was a good but very busy day. We went to church this morning and Addison didn’t cry in the nursery! Yay! I enjoyed my little bit of free time listening to a great message from Pastor Jason. Wednesday night we are supposed to start watching some dvd’s that tell about other religions and I am really interested to see them. Not because I am thinking of switching religions or anything but because I want to be informed. 🙂
Anyway, the baby played so hard in the nursery she was asleep before we even got in the car. She slept for 3 hours! HALLELUJIA! (I invision all the angels singing with me on that one…haha)
So, it gave me a chance to get my kitchen cleaned finally! I even swept and mopped the floors and it needed it so bad. Maybe tomorrow I will get another room of the house cleaned. That is my goal anyway. I am also going to TRY to go on a diet. Yes, I am putting this down in black and white. Maybe I will do some situps or something too. Ya know, I always “think” about doing situps and then I never do. Then, about a month later, when I think about it again, I always think “If only I had actually been doing excersices this whole time..I might be on a bow-flex commercial or something by now”
Oh well, so I am at least going to diet..for sure. I did good today……ummm accept that banana pudding. Does that count? Yes, i think it qualifies in the fruit group. So anyway, if you see me and I am not sticking to my diet…make me feel REALLY fat. It’s the only way. Tough love.
Ok, so Chris grilled some food for our home fellowship that we had tonight. We had such a great time. I really enjoy spending time with this group of people. It is nice when you hang out with people that are of like mind.
And..after we got home and got in the bed, Chris and I watched some Indiana Jones. My favorite part of the day is getting to snuggle up to my sweetie…and add the Indiana Jones theme music to that and you can’t beat it!
Here are some pics.
Ciao for now!
Calvary Chapel Home Fellowship at the Tran’s
Doesn’t that banana pudding look wonderful??
Dave looks like he is enjoying it!Like Father, Like Son!

Dave, Elizabeth, & Addison

Playing in the toy box during worship

Just exhausted!

2 Responses to “Sunday 5/18/08”

  1. katy May 19, 2008 at 1:11 pm #

    Hey girl…I’m glad I have another friend to add to my blog…I’m friend poor on here! Ha! Cute background…I actually looked at that one & thought about adding it,so cute! Love all the cute pics of Addy 🙂 My blog’s kinda boring, but don’t mind since my myspace is so “loud”. Anyway, welcome girlfriend…TTYL, Katy

  2. Just The Mommy May 19, 2008 at 1:45 pm #

    Sweet pics Amber. And, I am pretty positive that Banana pudding DOES count as a fruit serving. 🙂

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