28 May

This has GOT to be the luckiest week I have had in forever..cause guess what??? I am getting new carpet too! Chris went and looked today and I am going to take the girls tomorrow and pick out what I want. He said for me to pick it out and he will pay for it. WOW! I can’t get much more excited. SO, come over not this weekend but the next and I should hopefully have it all! My plan is to start in one room at a time and get it like I want it. Of course, the living room was by far the worst, but we live in it! I am sooo glad I am getting new carpet now for sure because I let Addie play with some of my makeup while I was putting it on this morning..and she got ahold of my eyeshadow that had busted purple eyeshadow in it. And yes, now there is a purple spot on my carpet….but WHO CARES! Next week it’s getting ripped up! Don’t worry, no more living room make-over’s once I get the new carpet and furniture!

My hubby also had a good day at work today and recieved some great compliments. I am so proud of him! C’mon girls, now isn’t he the best?? I told ya!

Addie played with some of her buddies today and had a great time! Here are some pics of Addison and Cenzie, the 3 Mo. old that I babysit. She LOVES to give her kisses and Cenzie is surprisingly lackadasical about it.

Here, Addie and Allie are “painting” my door…with my kitchen tools. (Those things you use to baste meat with) Looks like I should have given them some soap so they could wash the door instead of paint.


One Response to “5/27/08”

  1. Just The Mommy May 28, 2008 at 3:32 pm #

    Hmm.. That 3 month old looks bigger than Addison!! Maybe it’s just the picture ;)Cute, Cute as always!!! Girl, you are nuts inviting people over when you get new carpet. I wouldnt let anyone come in, ever! Shoes off at the door!!

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