29 May

I finally got Addison bathed and in bed and I am so glad. I hardly have time to say hi to Chris somedays. He is usually asleep before I get a chance to bathe and lock up and all for the night. šŸ˜¦ It was my night tonight at church to keep the nursery and I was super nervous about it. I have been back there before, when Addison was a little hard to handle or something, but never officially as the nursery worker for the night. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not that I did not want to keep it, I just wasn’t sure where anything was or anthing like that. It’s new territory so it makes me nervous. I mean, what if there were no more GoldFish to hand out??? Or I couldn’t find diaper wipes? Or what if one of the babies started screaming for their mom or something? I didn’t really have to worry about any of that thanks to good friends to help me and keep me company. Thank you Amy!! I loves ya! šŸ™‚
I also had a dear sweet friend to help me out this afternoon with Cenzie and Addison. Now doesn’t Melissa look like a natural at this?? I think motherhood is in her future! šŸ™‚

Melissa & Cenzie

I love this picture. You can see Addison’s two teeth shining! šŸ™‚ As you notice, she is WALKING to me!! She has just started doing really really well with the walking. She can walk clear across the room without falling sometimes! She has also mastered a few words. Of course we have Ma-ma (Me), Da-da (Dad), Mi-Mi(Milk), Maaa (Mamaw), De-e(Dixie, the dog..although she calls Pippa De-e too), Bay (Baby), and Dut (duck..she has duck bath toys) Can you tell she is going to be a talker?? Just like Me and just like Mamaw!

Here she is playing with Dixie….right AFTER she took a bath. Yes, I know, defeats the purpose of a bath when you let her roll around with the dog afterwards. But she loves it and has fun. Now, look at these pictures. Isn’t Dixie a great dog? She puts up with a lot!

LOL! Priceless!

2 Responses to “5/28/08”

  1. sbeudy May 29, 2008 at 4:20 am #

    She is so cute Amber. I know they always want to ply right after you give them a bath. If it were up to Ashleigh she would take 4 or 5 bathes a day.

  2. Just The Mommy May 29, 2008 at 4:24 am #

    Sweet pictures of Dixie and Addison! Awww…and you are welcome for keeping you company..I always enjoy your company..and then we had Dave and Amanda too. YAY!

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