May 30, 2008

31 May

Today Addison is officially 9 months old!! Which means my “baby weight” excuse is slipping further and further away. 😦 I kept telling myself that I will lose the weight by the time she is 4 months old……and then it changed to 6 months…….and then 9 months. *Sigh* I guess we are going to have to give it a 1 year deadline. Yes, so that gives me 3 more months!! YIKES. Looks like I need to loose at LEAST 10 pounds a month. Surely that can be done, right?? I wish there was a way to “think yourself thin.” Truthfully, I do know I am skinny….but everytime I take pictures a fat woman stands in front of me. What do you do??
Anyway, enough about me. Addison is walking so well! She can go from one end of the living room to the other sometimes by herself. I am just amazed at how much she can do. Just 9 SHORT months ago she was just entering this world and now she can walk??? What? That just doesn’t seem possible. It is amazing how God made us. I mean we really don’t change in appearance too much in 9 months unless you are a brand new baby and then the changes come too quickly-especially for mothers.
I am sure Glynese can testify to time traveling too quickly when it comes to your kiddos….because today was also Miranda’s Birthday!! Miranda wanted to have a scrapbooking party so Pamela and I had the pleasure of helping give her one. Pam and I each designed a scrapbook page and had the girls create one like it. I had so much fun! Even though it was a super busy day, scrapbooking is still one of my favorite things to do. I did try to make some No Bake Cookies for the guests……and I was making them late last night around midnight…but they didn’t set. Booohoo 😦 Maybe it was because I was half asleep, who knows. Now, they are just taunting me sitting in the fridge. It’s not like they still don’t taste delicious..they are just a lot gooier and messier. I am trying to resist..but it’s the weekend! Who can stick to a diet on a weekend??
Anyway, after doing some hair and having the scrap party, Mamaw, Jana, and I went to Bealls and I spent my gift card, that I got from Chris for Mother’s Day, on a new purse! Yay! I am stylin’ now. Probably the best purse I have ever owned! Mamaw couldn’t resist purchasing a new little onesie for Addison that says “My heart belongs to grandma!” Which it does! Jana is also spoiling her rotten by buying her a couple of cutie-patootie outfits. Yes, she is loved..that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

Kickin’ it at Crazy House Western Wear

Scrapbook girls:Shelby, Jamie, & Hannah

Birthday Girl Miranda, & Shelby

Scrapboook page created by Me!

Scrapbook page created by Pamela! She cut out all those letters by hand, not only for her example page, but for each of the girls! Thank you Pamela!

Mamaw holding Addison while she is sporting her new onesie.


One Response to “May 30, 2008”

  1. Just The Mommy May 31, 2008 at 2:04 pm #

    Looks like your party was a success! YAY! By the way, my husband LOVES my hair curly. I went and got some good new products but I cannot remember the name of that Paul Mitchell product. If you could email it to me that would be great! Addison as always is too cute for words. If I had known she was 9 months yesterday Nate could have sang her ‘happy birthday’ it is so cute. He can even put the name in and keep singing! So..Happy Birthday Addison Joy!

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