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New Stufff

19 Jun

Here are a few pics taken over the last few days. Apparently everyone wants to break in my new furniture and carpet! 🙂

Addison is in the middle of the coffee table…trying to get to my coupons.
Pippa is drying herslef off on my new carpet!

Oh, so Innocent…..Or not! Wet dog/new carpet.

*sigh* What do ya do??

16 Jun

Okay, so I know, It has been forever since I last posted! Shame on me! But there literally just is not enough time in the day sometimes and my child is very very demanding as you all know. Plus, I spend half my day just kissing her face off. 🙂 Addison is the “kissy-est” baby you will ever meet…I wonder why???

I actually started this blog a few days ago, but somehow, I lost most of it because I hit the back button..oops. So here are a few pics of my neice Bethany. She is too sweet and too cute! She stayed in Paris for a week last week with Nannie and Poppy (my mom and dad) while her daddy was having back surgery and her mother was working. I loved having her around. She baked a pretend birthday cake all day long..and she was very protective over it. She didn’t want Addison getting anywhere near it. Haha 🙂

Now, come on…she is too freakin adorable! Looks just like her Momma.

It is official! Addison can WALK! Here she is pushing a toy on the driveway. What a speedster. The little bit of hair she has is sticking up she is going to fast.

Here is a video of her walking.,,just in case you don’t believe me! The camera only had a few second of time left to record so it is really short.

2 Jun

I took Addison swimming for the first time today!! (Compliments of Amber G.) She absolutely loves the water and I am so glad! I already knew she liked her baths so I figured that swimming would be even more fun for her..and it was. Well, she loved it after she got over being scared of the big inflatable turtle that I bought her. 🙂 Who would have thought going swimming was so expensive though?? I had to buy some Huggies Little Swimmers, some baby sun block-which was for me as well, and that fabulous floatie and it cost me almost $30! But it was worth it just to see her smiling and splashing around.

I also went to see CATS in Dallas yesterday and it was AWESOME! (cameras weren’t allowed so sorry, no pics) Yet another great Mother’s day gift from Chris! He bought two tickets and let me take whomever I decided and he stayed home with Addison so I could have some “me” time, which I needed. I took Jennifer, my older sis, since she is a theater queen. Did you know that CATS is one of the longest running Broadway shows ever?? I thought it was great but it is no “Phantom of the Opera.” I think they should have subtitles somewhere during plays though because there are times I could not for the life of me understand what they were saying or singing.
We also went to Chuy’s…which is one of my favorite places to eat in the world! It was sooooooooo good. I got the ChickaChicka-boom-boom enchiladas with green chile rice. Yummmmm! To Die For! Then impulsive part of me came out on the way home from Dallas though and I stopped in Mesquite at the mall and got a haircut. A little scary when you don’t know your stylist..but Maribele did a great job as far as I can see and it isn’t bothering me as bad now. So, as much as I missed my baby girl and my hubby, I did have a good time just getting away.

I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I better sign off! I need to get some sleep anyway because my friend Tasha is coming with her baby, Addyson to see me!! …and I am getting new carpet in the morning!!

Big Smile! (Of course, I had to make sure I had her milk..otherwise she ain’t getting in the turtle!)
Amber, AJ, Tassie, & Yasemine
BTW-Addison can say Amber & AJ (Ahhhhhbur & AaaaJe)

Me and Addison

Addison is splashing everybody in this pic.

She was exhausted after swimming. Notice her beloved baby has to be right beside her otherwise she doesn’t go to sleep very well.