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Little Chris

30 Jul

Look how cute this picture is! This is a pic of Chris when he was little..and still smiled. ;)(compliments of Aunt Jane) Lovin’ the haircut. Since Addison looks so much like his baby pictures, it makes me wonder if this is what she will look like when she gets a little older. Maybe!

Paris News Beautiful Baby Contest

29 Jul

Well, the Sunday paper came…..and Ta-Da!!! 🙂 I was beyond excited to see that Addison had won in her age group!

Of course, we had to miss church this Sunday because Addison woke up with a red matted up eye. So, just in case it was pink eye, I wanted to make sure we didn’t go to the nursery. It was probably just allergies though since we went to Brokenbow this weekend. (I have to hit my mom up for some pics to post)
My husband wanted me to put in my blog that he does lots of work around the house. So there…. I put it.

23 Jul


22 Jul

I like a couple of these photos because this is a typical Addison face..when she doesn’t like something! She has the most vivid expressions!

That’s better…let me down and I am happy!

Well hi everybody! Sorry I have been out of pocket lately..but my cell phone literally fell out of my pocket..and into the toilet. SO, I am probably a little hard to reach these days.
We just got back from a great visit to Longview. Our weekend flew by so fast! We visited with family and friends and ate too much of Tony Jr. & Lula’s great cooking!
Now, I am working on planning Addison’s first birthday party! I cannot believe it is almost here! We are having a Luau so bring your hula skirts and hawaiian shirts! We did a “photo shoot” so that I could put a pic of Addison on her birthday invitiations. Here are a couple of ones I liked, but didn’t make the cut. The photo we chose won’t be revealed until you receive your invitation in the mail!

Mighty Mouse

11 Jul

Well, today was the first day I have ever left Addison with someone else all day long. (Other than Chris…which was only once.) I decided that it was way too hard to do hair and have her here. I still do a few hairdos on Fridays for friends and family but Addison does NOT like me being in the room without I decided to pay a babysitter one day a week. Of course, I picked one that I am most confident sister 🙂 Wouldn’t you know that the one day I pay for daycare is the one day that two clients either forgot or stood me up! Sheesh! So, I guess I am going to pick her up in a minute…. even though I could have gotten her at 2 if only I had known. Regardless, I have missed her something terrible today. It is probably harder for me than it is for her when we are apart. She’s growing way too fast and getting so big. Here is a video of my little “mighty mouse.” She is too big for her britches…she sure didn’t stay a baby long.

OH!! My laptop and my books all came in…so I can start my medical transcription school now! woohoo!

Pictures throughout the weeks

11 Jul
Okay so this was today, after we got back from our fiasco at RACE. I have decided to start working out again! Wooohoo! And, I can take Addison to the gym with me now since they have day care…or so I thought. Well, she was ok at first until she saw me thru the window and then the waterworks started and they couldn’t calm her down. So, my friend Jana who was with me went in there and tried to calm her so I could finish..and that didnt work either! She had to bring her to the locker room with me and while I showered she screamed the whole time. I am sure the other women…who go work out to get a break from their kids…loved me. 🙂 So, I am bummed now and don’t know what to do. Try again? Find someone else to watch her? Quit going up there? *sigh* And I have alredy worked my “running time” up to one whole minute without passing out! Progress I tell you!
She fell asleep on the way home. She must have been exhausted from crying and I just left her in her car seat to finish her nap out.

“OH my, what a rough day I had!”

Addison and Poppy (Can you tell he raised four little girls?)

Addison’s cousins…just some of them:)
Bethany, Keegan, Devin, Addison, Conner, Seth

I have been asking Addison how old she is going to be. Sometimes she will do what I do, and show me! ONE!

Lula and Papaw came to visit this week! So glad to see them and had a great time! Wish they could have stayed longer.

This pic was perfect since Addison’s room is decorated in a “Paris, France” theme.

Wearin her shades

Lovin on Mom…Mom lovin it!

Cool chick….with pink eye(For the fourth time already)…can you tell?

Forget Jack-in-the box…it’s Addie-in-the box!

Fun in the Sun!

9 Jul

Here is a video of Addison swimming. She LOVES the water. I forgot that I uploaded it a while ago and it has been sitting in my drafts folder. oops! She is just getting too big…too fast!