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Happy 1st Birthday Addison Joy!!

30 Aug

14 Aug

Here is a post I started and never got around to finishing. I uploaded some pics that I liked of Addison playing outside…which she loves. Notice Chris modeling for GQ in the last pic. 🙂

Cenzie can drink from a straw!!

9 Aug

I was so excited to see Clint, Cora, and Cenzie at church this past Sunday! It was a great week…cause I got to see them again!! Yay! Cenzie is just growing like a weed! She is so sweet and cuddly! She’s not even six months old yet..and do you know what she can do??? Drink from a straw! No joke! I know it is hard to believe so I have a video!! Addie is almost a year and there is no way she is drinking from a straw. I have tried and all she does is bite it and try to pull it out of a cup. Anyway, Cenzie needs to come over more often. (Hint, Hint Cora!:))

Addison showing Clint some love

Addyson Lillian & Addison Joy

9 Aug

Here are future buddies in the making! My friend Natasha came to visit and here are a few pics and videos of the girls playing. Tasha is hopefully going to make Addison’s birthday cake and I am so excited about it. I think we have decided on a Palm Tree since it goes with our Luau theme. It’s gonna be too cute!

I love this pic because they are both being silly and making faces at us.

Addyson looked like she needed a hug!

Starting their first book club

Now Addyson needs a kiss!

Can you tell they are both an “only child”?

Ice Cream & a Workout Plan

6 Aug

I found a solution to my workout woes! 🙂 Or at least my hubby did. We invested in an elipti-glider. Chris has been wanting one and so have I, so he found one in Tulsa, O.K. and went last Saturday to pick it up. I have worked out on it everyday so far…and I have already lost 3 lbs! (Well 3.6 to be exact!) I have been wanting to work out and had been going back to the gym, but Addison just wasn’t having it! She learned she can see me through the glass windows and just stands there and cries until someone comes and gets me. So, here is our solution! I can work out at night, or naptimes!
Here are a few pics I took throughout the week.

Who needs toys when you can play with a coffee filter??

Ah how quickly the mood changes when I wouldn’t let her play with my cellphone.

This pic is a modeling pic for Auntie Kelly who works for Home Slice Pizza in Austin, TX.

We went shopping today to stock up on food for our new “healthier lifestyle.” Apparently Baby was bad cause she got strapped in backwards. I like this picture. Addison looks so sweet and innocent in it.

Finally, Jana had a pregnant craving for a banana split and she shared some with Addison…who was thrilled about it. (Don’t worry..I ate CarbWatch ice cream which was really good)

Look at all my hair…and all my teeth!

Oh what a busy week!