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Look what Chris bought me!!!!

22 Oct
Nissan Pathfinder SE

Technically, this was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday but I can’t be wordless now! We went to the Metroplex on Monday to look at vehicles and came back with one! I really didn’t think Chris was that serious about purchasing one..but I was wrong! (See! I can admit when I’m wrong) Anyway, we were at the car dealership from 6pm-11pm and didn’t get home ’till 1 but I was so excited I wasn’t even tired at all. I cannot believe it! I have never had a car this nice. It has a sun roof and a Bose radio and all sorts of other little cool features that I am learning. Hmm…Maybe I should have taken a picture standing up out of the sun roof. I wanted to lay across the hood, but I thought that might be just a tad over the top. Haha 🙂 I had to fight the urge last night to go get my pillow and blanket and sleep in there. I love it! ….and I love you Chris! Thank you! 🙂 Geez, and all I was going to get him for our Anniversary was a shirt. 🙂

Thursday Thirteen

17 Oct
13 Things you probably don’t know about me:

1. I ALWAYS have trouble spelling the words Forty, and Calendar correctly. Everytime I do auto spell check I get those wrong! Usually it’s Fourty and Calander before spell check.

2.I played the flute & piccolo in my middle/highschool band…wasn’t half bad at it either.

3. In the play “Into the Woods”, I played 1 half of a cow. The back half. 🙂 Mostly so I could be a part of all of it. I didn’t even want a speaking roll. My favorite part of the process was painting huge canvas storybooks for the set.

4.I can’t roll my tounge. It’s irritating. And yes, I went to Ripley’s Believe it or not once, and fell for the whole “roll your tounge in the 2-way mirror” bit.

5.I do not like being in the sun. It hurts my eyes, gives me a headache, makes me hot, makes me sweat, gives me freckles, and probably skin cancer. Therefore, I would rather go to Alaska on vacation as opposed to Hawaii. Although the snow probably makes it that much brighter. I don’t know. I do like the rain though. I know, I should have been a vampire.

6. I have an addiction–to EBay. But, you probably DID already know that.

7. I have a unique laugh…when it is really, really funny. Well, technically it’s unique to me and my sisters. We all have the same high pitched giggle. (And sometimes, I snort)

8. I can purr like a cat.

9. I went to Bible College, although I didn’t graduate. But, I still hope to finish…one day.

10. I hate making decisions, like what is for supper. I wish it were already planned out so I wouldn’t have to stress about it. I also hate picking a place to go out to eat. I like it better when people just say “Wanna have lunch at Chili’s?” or something like that.

11. I have lots of favorite foods but I cannot live without Eggs. Scrambled, boiled, fried…anyway you make them, I will eat them. Oh! And DEVILED. YUM! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

12. I really like Leaves. Anything that looks like a leaf, I like. I have leaf plates, and pictures of leaves in my living room. Very odd, I know. Even my curtain rods have leaves on the ends.

13. I often wish I lived back in the ’50s when Lucy Ricardo were around cause I think we could have been good friends. She cracks me up! (Of course, I know Lucy Ricardo isn’t real..but I can’t go back to the ’50s anyway, so since this is my imagination….) I do NOT think I would have been good friends with June Cleaver.

Be Creative!

16 Oct

Ok, so here are a few pics of things that I have made 🙂 I tell Chris all the time that it is “art” and he just laughs. But it IS! I have to be creative otherwise I will go crazy. It’s all I can do sometimes not to go get a gallon of paint and redo rooms in the house. So, this is my outlet. It’s what I like to do in my spare time. Scrapbook!

Paper/Prima Flowers

Here is my latest scrapbook page..its a 2 page layout. I am getting a bunch together hopefully before I post them on EBay to try and sell. Other people do it, so why not?? Plus, I already have a ton of scrapbook stuff so might as well try to make some money, right?? BtW–I heard Ellen say once that glitter should be banned… UH NO! What would I do?? I love Glitter! I think Everything should have glitter on it! haha

Wordless Wednesday

16 Oct

For Today 10-13-08

14 Oct

Outside My Window…It is dark & cool. 70F Breezy-My favorite time of year is when the weather is like this.
I am thinking…about Jana’s baby shower, and thinking that I really need to be studying. That’s what I will do next. Addie is finally in bed for the night so it is my time now.
I am thankful for…Atkin’s Peanut Butter Cups. 🙂 Of course, among other things. I just discovered these…and they help with my choc-o-holic cravings.
From the kitchen…Leftover brisket and chicken LC tacos
I am wearing…my favorite shirt ever..busy & bright, yellow/red, sleeveless, trapeeze type shirt. blue jean capris
I am creating…paper flowers for scrapbooking.
I am going…to take a bath & relax 🙂 Maybe drink a glass of red wine.
I am reading… S is for Silence by Sue Grafton
I am hoping…that my legs stop being so achy and that I get a burst of energy so that I can stay up late and get lots of stuff done. It’s too hard to get things done with my little busy body into everything. Earlier, when I was posting my other blog, she pulled out all of the cards from my card box…which was a LOT and pulled all of the hairspray and hairstuff off of my roller cart. I have to watch her clsoely because she likes to put hairspray pumps in her mouth!
I am hearing…Chris playing Madden on XBOX, the hum of the refrigerator & the baby monitor
Around the house…I finished the Laundry and everything is pretty much in it’s place. I am going to try to clean baseboards tomorrow.
One of my favorite things…is watching a movie, cuddled up to my hubby.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Get the baby shower details nailed down, finish the next chapter in The Language of Medicine & take a test, make a baby scrapbook for Lukaas.
Here is a picture that I am sharing… It is Addison the first day we brought he home from the hospital.

The State Fair of Texas

13 Oct

Last Thursday, Chris took me to the State Fair of Texas! It was the first time I have ever been and it was HUGE! I have only been to the county fair once before, but it can’t hold a candle to the State! I couldn’t believe there was that much.

We were going to take the baby with us, but at the last minute, called my sister to ask her if she would babysit. Addie would have been worn out by the time we were finished anyway and this way Chris and I got to spend some time together. We had a great time but I did miss the baby and so did Chris. I am not used to being away from her all day like that.

Chris DID get me on the SkyWay just to get from one side of the park to the other, but I am too big of a chicken to ride the rides. I honestly didn’t like the SkyWay either because it was too high up and I am scared of heights.

There is no way he was getting me on this thing! Ha!

Here is Tex. He lacks a “boootay” as Chris pointed out.

Me & Lover Boy

Chris eating a sno-cone with a terrible spoon. Come on, you pay $5 bucks for a should at least get a decent spoon! Seriously though, whose idea was it to FRY everything at the fair??
Fried Grilled cheese,
chicken fried bacon-tried it and it was NASTY,
Fried cookie dough-now, baked cookie dough is a cookie so..what is Fried??
Deep Fried Latte–c’mon! I knew noone would believe me so I took a pic of the sign.
These are just a few of the Fried items at the fair. Next time, I am stickin’ with chicken nuggets or something normal. 🙂
At OTB after the Fair

Told you!
Fried Grilled Cheese–Actually pretty Yummy..but I liked a REAL Grilled cheese better. Although, how can it be Fried and Grilled? It should just be called a Fried Cheese Sandwich.

Regardless of the amount of fatty foods, the fair was fun and I am glad Chris took me! 🙂 Thanks baby!

Say Cheese!!

13 Oct
Addison & I saying “cheese” for the camera..which she now says everytime she sees it.:)
This is what I stayed up all night working on! I am giving my bf a baby shower and here are the invitations! I used my new cuttlebug die cut/embossing machine to emboss a baby carriage on the envelope. It’s coming along and the shower will be here before we know it!

This is a pic of Addison this morning modeling the new hairbow I made.

I am trying to make a bunch of stuff to sell on ebay..and so I thought I would try out my hairbow making skills.

I have decided that I am going to try to stay in for the week..with the exception of church and the meeting with the other hostesses for the baby shower. I just want Addison and I to get to spend some more quality time together. I am going to take her for a walk later. (Of course, staying in means no driving.. we are still allowed to go outside :)) Then, we are going to read a few books, and play with toys, ect.
We may take a jog over and see if my friend Pam is home! See if she remembers what we look like. Haha It has been a while! Plus, I have set a goal…to lose 20 more lbs. by Christmas and I think staying home will definatly help. Because I am TERRIBLE when I get out..there are carbs lurking arond every corner. I always have the best of intentions to stay away, but I always seem to give in. I now hit my 1st goal…of losing 50 lbs! Yes, you heard me right! Although, I am counting down from the time I checked into the hospital to have some of that was actual baby..haha
Wish me Luck! If you wanna stop by, you know where I’ll be!!