Reading & ABC’s of ME

8 Oct

Today I went to a class at the Pregnancy Care Center taught by a friend from church. It was about the importance of turning off the TV and reading to your child. She had a lot of statistics that showed that IQ levels are linked to how much you read to your child and how much your child reads to themselves once they are able to. It made me realize that we watch WAY too much TV and I want to hopefully cut some of that out. Especially during the daytime when Addie is awake. One of my favorite things to do at night is to watch a movie with Chris. (Right now we are on Harry Potter’s so good!) Anyway, she was also talking about the hazardous effects of television for a child under the age of 2! And of course, I let Addison watch some tv, namely Baby First TV. But that is it. And I am even having second thoughts about that.

I am hoping to make a new ritual/habit of reading to her several times a day. Even though I know she is too young to really understand, I want her to get in the habit of sitting there are trying to focus even if it is on pictures. She really does understand a lot of what I say to her now, so who knows, she may “get” more out of it than I think.

Here are the books that I got to bring home today. Look how many!! All for FREE!
Anway, I was able to go today because Chris took Addison to Longview to see his family. So, I stayed here and had lunch with a friend and cleaned the house. (WHich took 3 hours!! *sigh*..and I know it will all start over again tomorrow!)

Also, here’s a fun little Fill -in -the blank About Me.

ABC’s of ME

Accent: Southern…Texan to be specific

Bible book I like the best: Philippians

Chore I don’t care for: LAUNDRY!

Dog or Cat: Dogs..because I hate cleaning/smelling litter boxes

Essential Electronics: Cell Phone! It’s always near

Favorite Perfume(s): Ralph Lauren Romance & Ralph Lauren Blue

Goals: Finish Medical Transcription school and find a job!

Handbag I carry most often: a diaper bag..who has a handbag when your a mom?

Insomnia: Rarely. I CAN sleep most of the time. I just get busy (usually online) and don’t

Job Title: Hairdresser/Mom/Wife/Student

Kids: (1) 13 mo. old baby girl

Living arrangements: I live with my husband and daughter in Texas

Most admirable trait: ?? I feel silly answering that about myself

Naughtiest childhood behaviour: Coloring on the wall and then blaming Jennifer.

Overnight hospital stays: 1. Had my tonsils removed. 2.Had a cyst removed from my groin when I was small…so I think it was overnight. 3. When I had Addison..and I stayed night, after night, after night!

Phobias: Death if loved ones

Quote: From my dad when I was scared to do/ask something. “What are they gonna do?? Take you out back and shoot you?” I live by this motto a LOT.

Religion: Christian

Siblings: 3–Jennifer, (Me), Heather, Angelia

Time I wake up: When Addison does, so it is always different.

Unusual talent or skill: I don’t really think its a talent/skill but I am a pretty good scrapbooker I guess. I think I have an eye for that kind of stuff.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Squash…all except spaghetti squash which I LOVE…and okra.

Worst habit: smelling laundry. Yes, I smell every piece as I am folding. I just don’t want anything to have sat in the washer too long and soured, ect.

X-rays: None

Yummy stuff I cook: Bolognese Bread Pizza, Breakfast Casserole, Zuppa Tuscana are a few of my favs

Zoo animal I like most: Flamingos


One Response to “Reading & ABC’s of ME”

  1. katy October 8, 2008 at 2:16 pm #

    Girl! I’m going to steal all those books..there are some GOOD ones in that pile! We have a lot of books…I love children’s book and could look at them for hours…but! we’ve gotten away from reading like we should…thanks for the reminder…I feel refreshed to get going again in that department! Hugs to you and Addy!

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