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I told you I could sew!! HA

18 Jun

Addison has developed a love for Elmo, as you probably know. She wants to watch Elmo ALL the time. I wake up hearing the theme song in my head sometimes…”La-la-la-la, Elmo’s World.”
Anyway, not too long ago, we were at my mom’s house and she found an old baby blanket of Devin’s (Who is 6.. I think??) that had an Elmo print on it. It was old, and very boyish..but she loves it. She has taken to carrying it and sleeping with her “covers.”

She just started nursery school, so I decided to try to make an Elmo blanket that was kind of girly for her. We will see how she likes it… I don’t know yet. Probably won’t have anything to do with it but I thought I would try it out. It is a “rag blanket” which means that the edges are frayed on purpose. 🙂

I know I get stuff made for me usually but that doesn’t mean I cannot sew. (Ahem…April :)) So here is proof! Now, it’s not the best job in the world, I know…but it didn’t fall apart in the washer…yet!! Haha
I didn’t sew the name; I had that put on at William’s Sporting Goods. But other than that–here it is!!



Take me out to the ballgame…

5 Jun

My Mom, Dad, Chris and I all went to a Ranger’s game on Monday and we had a great time! We had really good tickets, thanks to Chris’ dad. We were 6 rows up from the front and right down the first base line. Here is a photo i took..pretty close huh? Of course, if the Ranger’s had won the game, it would have been even better..but oh well!

My Dad and Chris

Mom and Dad in front of the Stadium

Me and Chris

Addison at Chuy’s (my FAVORITE restaurant ever!) I have been craving Chuy’s and I finally got my fix. Well, i did have it… until I finished eating. 🙂 Addison is such a little ham!
Addison at home hanging out on the back porch. I just like this photo of her. 🙂