Husbands & Wives

4 Sep

This is an example of the stereotypical husband/wife dynamic. I thought it was too funny because, yes, I have been here myself many times.

“Over the years, Eric has developed the defensive tactic of selective hearing. I’ve seen this kind of evolution before –my father has the same skill. The benefits of this are obvious –much less time wasted in attending to every fleeting hysterical fit his wife induges in. I, however, have in response mastered a technique of incremental amplification that has proven most effective in breaking down his defenses. And once he is roused to a reaction, he is at a distinct disadvantage, as he has not heard much of my rant and therefore cannot accurately judge what piece of it he should best respond to in order to defuse it. Plus, because he was the one not listening to me, I gain the moral high ground. Darwinism at work, my friends.”–Excerpt from Julie&Julia

Now come true is this?


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