Swamp Thing: Why I love makeup.

4 Feb

Because I have been a shut-in since Monday night, due to the weather, and because I have finished all of the laundry and dishes, I decided to do a new post.
I must have lost my mind. I thought I would take a Before and After makeup picture. Yowza!

Before: Swamp Thing. Yes, I just woke up, but this is what I look like without a stitch of makeup on. This is right after I used my facewash, toner, and moisturizer. I have been trying out a new face wash regimen, because I have problem skin. I always have. I am using the AcneFree system, which is like ProActive, but you can get it at the drugstores. This actually has worked wonders for me. You should have seen my face about a week ago, before I started this stuff. As you can see, I do have a few flare-ups, and a lot of discoloration in my skin.

This is why I can never ever convert to the Pentecostal church, or go to prison.

After: Yes, you are welcome. Much, much better. I try not to leave the house without at least putting on my foundation.

Here is a closeup of my eyeshadow. Now, if I was able to get out and go to town, I would have bought some false eyelashes to use. However, I am stuck at home, so mascara will have to do. Besides, I am not planning on leaving today.

These are the make-up brushes that I used today. (Bare Escentuals, M.A.C., elf, Mary Kay)

And here are the makeup products that I used.

Instead of an eye primer, I use M.A.C.’s Painterly Paint Pot. I love this stuff because it is flesh toned and helps my eyeshadow not crease. I can literally wear my eyeshadow for 8 hours without having to worry about it coming off.
For the shadow, I used several shades: From my Urban Decay Naked Palette, I used Smog for the lid color, Virgin for the highlight, and Hustle for the corner “V” and for the outer lower lash liner. I used Bedhead Wine and Purple for the crease color, and NYX Yellow Funk for the inner lower lash liner.
Top eyeliner: UD 24/7 in Zero for the upper liner, and UD 24/7 in Whiskey for the bottom liner.
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Original in Blackest Black.
Eyebrows: Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Brown.
I used a tinted moisturizer from Mary Kay in Ivory 1, a concealer from Mary Kay in Light Ivory, and BareMinerals in Fair. (BTW–LOVE this stuff. It is definitely one of my favorite foundations. It is light and it has probably a medium coverage, but works really well if you use a tinted moisturizer underneath.)
I used my elf duo in blushed/bronzed; the blush for the apples of my cheeks, and the bronzed for a cheek contour. I used Physican’s Formula Happy Booster in Translucent for a highlight and overall glow.
LIPS: NYX Sponge Cake lipgloss.
Oh what a difference make-up can make! I hope this has inspired you to play in the make-up and get pretty for your honey! 🙂


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