How to wear blue eyeliner

5 Feb

It’s too cold to go outside to my studio and do crafts, and I need to go to the grocery store for ingredients to cook… which I am not doing on these icy roads, so I have yet another beauty post.

Have you ever wondered how to wear blue eyeliner without looking like you should be on the Drew Carey show?? Well, it can be done. 🙂 A friend of mine, Becca, was asking about eyeliners, so I decided to pull out my Urban Decay (UD) 24/7 pencil liners to test out. I LOVE the colors that they come in, and I love the fact that they are creamy, waterproof, and will not rub off. I tried the rub test: I swatched them on my hand, and then after about 1 minute, I vigorously rubbed and rubbed my hand to try to get them off…and they stayed put! That is a great thing when it comes to eyeliner! You don’t want to work hard on getting a look and then have to have it wear off after a couple of hours. So, I give these an A!
Becca suggested Mally Beauty eyeliners. I have never tried them, but I am interested!

Here are the shades of UD 24/7 pencils i have: Zero, Mildew, Gunmetal, Ransom, Whiskey, Binge, Rockstar, Stash, Eldorado, and Electric.

I used Binge. It’s a navy blue color. I decided that I wanted my eyeliner to be the “star”, so I used some neutrals for my eyeshadow. And of course, you can probably guess, I used my all time favorite eyeshadow palette for this, my Urban Decay Naked Palette. I used the shades Virgin for a highlight, Toasted for the lid color, and Hustle for the slight outer V.
I actually used three eyeliners: I lined the top of my eyelid with Zero, a black liner, and right above that, I used Binge. So I have two lines of colored eyeliner, one on top of the other. I winged out the blue, just cause I felt fancy.
For my bottom liner, I used Whiskey, which is a brown color. (Sorry, I have wispy hairs in every picture. I just can’t be helped with all of this static.)
Here is the overall look. It’s subtle, but pretty. Blue eyeliner makes the whites of your eyes look whiter. Who wouldn’t want that??

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