30 Days of Different Shades: Day 3

6 Feb

Ok, so I have been having so much fun with my makeup, and I am getting such positive responses from you guys, that I thought I try to do a new post. I think I am going to try a new challenge: 30 Days of Different Shades. I want to show you guys that you can do SO much with eyeshadow, and you do not have to get stuck in a rut with the same shades every day.

Here was the look for today: Day 3. (Yes, I am counting the previous two posts as Day 1 and Day 2.) It is my “vampy” look, according to my friend Cassidy. I use purples and a burnt orange shade. Purples make brown eyes pop, so I do usually gravitate toward purples in some way or another. I do really think it makes a difference. When I wear this shadow out in the sunlight, my eyes look almost reddish brown.. you know like a Vampire in need of feeding 🙂 (And yes, I know it is a reference to Twilight, and I did just post a Mark Driscoll video about that. But the damage has already been done, and I have read all the books and watched the movies. I do agree with him however, and as a mom, I am probably not going to let my kiddos get enthralled with the Vampire era here. But I digress…)

To get this look, I used my Tarte palette. I used 3 different shades of purple. A matte dark purple in the crease, which I applied first, then I gradiated up to a lighter matte purple. On the lid, I used a burnt coppery orange with some shimmer. In the corner of my eye, for the outer V, I used a dark shimmery purple. I lined the bottom outer half of my lid with the shimmery purple, and then inner bottom lid with the burnt orange. I of course highlighted with Virgin from my UD palette. My eyeliner is UD Rockstar, which I used on my waterline, as well as to line my upper eyelid.

Here is my Tarte Jewelry Box palette. The top layer of shadows have shimmery shades, and the bottom has matte. I prefer to use matte shades in my crease. This palette also has two more levels that pull out. There is a beautiful highlight color in there, plus a bronzer, and several lip shades. Also, the bottom drawer has liners.
If you don’t have many eye shadows, and you are interested in something to get you started this is the palette I recommend. It has EVERYTHING you need, except for foundation and mascara, all in one little case.

Here is a link to Sephora with the Tarte palette. I have used this SO much. AND these are full-size eyeshadow, not those wimpy samples you get in some sets.


Ok, have fun getting pretty!

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