30 Days of Shades: Day 6 Bed Head

9 Feb

After about three tries this morning, this is the eyeshadow I decided on. It looked great until I cut up a ridiculously hot onion to put in the beef stew I was making. It seriously made me cry…tears rolling down my face cry.

I really was trying to use some drugstore makeup to create a look, but the two palettes that I bought are going straight back to CVS. I hated them. There was no color to it, it was like putting on invisible eyeshadow.

Instead, I used my Bed Head eyeshadow palette. As you can see, I have hit pan on a couple of shades there. It’s a great palette, and the eyeshadows have great color payoff. Today I used the 2 pink shades and the brown shade.

I bought some new eyeshadow brushes from Bed Head that I am crazy about too. I think I will do a whole separate review on them soon.

The light pink shade is what I used all over my eyelids and on my brow bone. It is called Pink…very clever. It’s a shimmery shade. In my crease, I used Sienna. It’s the darker pink color–almost mauve. For the outer V, I used the shade called Brown. I am betting you can guess which one it is.

I thought it was a perfect look for Valentine’s Day too. It’s shimmery, pink, and romantic.


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