30 Days of Shades: Day 7/ NEW KITCHEN!

11 Feb

Look what came in the mail for us yesterday! The girls played with the packing peanuts for the first hour, and I was starting to question buying this. However, once we had it unpacked, and put the legs on and had it set up, they started playing with this like crazy! And so far today, they have been “cooking” all day long!

If anyone has any idea what fabric this is, please let me know! I would love to make some matching things for their rooms. (I ordered this, and asked the seller, so we will see if she tells me the fabric designer’s name.)

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Earth palette
I wasn’t crazy about this eyeshadow. I bought it at CVS at 75% off, so I only paid like $1.75 for it
..or something like that, but I probably won’t use it again. I didn’t feel like the color pay0ff was very good. I had to really really work to get the color to show up. It does look really neutral, so if that’s a look you like, go for it. The colors are like a cranberry, an olive color, and a flesh toned color. I didn’t feel like it was as shimmery as it looked in the palette, so I stuck some extra shimmer on top from a different palette.

The green is supposed to be for the lid, the peachy color is the highlight, and the cranberry is the crease. I just couldn’t tell a huge difference once I put the colors on. After I took this pic, I stuck some of my Urban Decay shades on top, just because I like more shimmery shades, and this just didn’t do it for me. It is what it is though!


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