30 Days of Shades: Day 11 Gold & Navy

15 Feb

Okay, here is my new lipstick! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I love it, love it, love it! 🙂

And now back to the 30 Days of Shades–Today, I used gold and navy. I decided to go with these colors because my friend, Katy asked me what color would be good for a blue-eyed girl. Well, this is one that she could pull off! 🙂

Here are the palettes I used: Urban Decay Naked & Bed Head & Jillian Dempsy Twice the Spice pencil.
When I use navy, I usually try to go very subtle with it–just enough to brighten up your eyes!
I used Half-Baked on the first half of my eyelid, and Smog on the outer half of my eyelid. Naked for the crease, and Virgin for the highlight. For the outer V, I used the blue from my Bed Head palette. It is called Navy. (Bed Head doesn’t play around with frilly names.) I used my Jillian Dempsey lip pencil from Avon. It is called Twice the Spice. It actually has a shadow stick on one side that is gold, and it would be great for this look too. (Hey, if Patrick Dempsey likes it, then we must try it, right??) I lined my eyes with Urban Decay’s Ransom, which is a blue liner. Notice what a difference a groomed brow can make?

And here is an ungroomed brow. 🙂 My sister came over today for me to do her eyeshadow, and I thought the colors looked great, but she needed a brow wax in a bad way. I preach and preach on this, but no one listens. Seriously, WAX YOUR BROWS!

She has awesome eyelashes though, and you will be happy to know that she did go to get her eyebrows done today! Thank You Jesus!!! 🙂 We used the 120 Palette to do her shadow.

Just remember: Wax… or people see this. (LOVE YOU HEATHER!)

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