30 Days of Shades: Day 13 Plum Smokey

16 Feb
I was so excited to do my makeup today because I finally got to try some Mally Beauty products! My friends Mandy and Becca came over yesterday to play in the makeup with me. (I totally demand a redo though! I wanted to take pics of their eyeshadows once I was finished with them, and forgot!! So, we have to do it again!) I had so much fun…and Becca brought some Mally products over to give to me! She gave me a mascara, a “Bullet-proof” eyeliner, and an eyeshadow duo.
I am still in my Smokey Mode, so I decided that a plum smokey look was what I was going to go for today.
I also used a different foundation–Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + in Porcelain (I think. It’s the lightest color they make). I usually use my bare Minerals foundation powder, but I wanted more coverage since I was trying out the new eyeshadow look. I wanted it all to be perfect!

I actually layered these plum shades from Mally over my M.A.C. Constructivist paint pot. I wanted it to be a deeper color, so I wanted to use that as a base.
Here are the products from Mally..aren’t they gorgeous?! I can say, I absolutely LOVE this stuff! Especially the mascara so far! 🙂 I have to wear the eyeshadow and eyeliner and everything all day to see how I really feel about it. So far, my initial reaction is that I am a BIG fan of this stuff! I just want to wear it all day long to see if it really is “Bullet-Proof” and see if it wears all day long without smudging, or running, etc.

You can definitly see the intensity of the colors after applying over a paint pot.
I was also actually surprised that the colors came off more brown than purple
by themselves.
In the tin, they look really purple and scary, but when you apply them, they
are very wearable.
You sure you want me to keep this Bec?? They are FABULOUS!

Here are the two Mally plum shade swatches. The first two are layered over the contructivist paint pot, and the second two are just the eyeshadows on their own.
(Constructivist/Plum Glow, Constructivist/Lavender Glow, Plum Glow, Lavender Glow)

If you are interested in Mally Beauty, check out the website by clicking here:

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