Sprinkles and Sponge Rollers

2 Mar

So, I know I started reading Made to Crave, and I have every intention of taking it seriously..but before I bought the book, I ordered a mini donut pan from Avon, and it came in today!! The pan was so cute, and these really are miniature donuts!

I just used the recipe that came with the pan, and they turned out pretty good! They are really like a cake donut. The frosting recipe was not my favorite because it had almond extract in it. I think that vanilla is much better! However, I had leftover chocolate ganache in my freezer for just an occasion such as this…and who doesn’t like chocolate right??
Lots of colored sprinkles made these so cute and appealing to my kiddos. I have learned a lesson with sprinkles though: Put whatever you are going to top with sprinkles, such as a donut, in a pan with sides! I had all of my donuts on a cutting board when I sprinkled them and I ended up with sprinkles all over the kitchen counter and floor. I swept and I am still having sprinkles stick to the bottom of my feet!
I also ordered this donut apron from Avon. How cute is that?? Seriously! 🙂

The recipe card that came with the pan:
We also bought some sponge rollers at the dollar store today. I told Addison that when I was a little girl like her, my mom used to put sponge rollers in my hair at night time, and when i woke up my hair was curly. She was 100% excited to put her hair up in the rollers. (I am pretty sure she thinks that this is the finished look though. If she makes it through the night with them in, I have a feeling she won’t want me to take them down.) She wanted to make sure that I showed this picture to Bethany, Seth, and Keegan…her cousins. 🙂

And of course we couldn’t leave MK out! We only had one roller left, so she got a little curl on top. (She was “star catching” with Dora.)
So we have lots to look forward to in the morning—Donuts and curly hair! (Hopefully.)

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