WHOOOO found a good deal??!

1 May
If you know me, you know I have a slightly abnormal obsession with owls. I can’t help it! WHOOO can resist?? 🙂 Ok, I know that’s cheesy, but that’s me.
I actually saw this necklace in a flyer for Bealls today, and I just HAD to go get it. Besides, it was on sale, and I had a coupon, and I had $20 in Bonus Cash!
Even without the Bonus Cash, it would have only cost me $25.63, but since I had that, I only paid $5.63! Now THAT’s what I call a good deal! Thought I would share my fabulous feathered find.
(They actually gave me back 20% coupon back if anyone is interested. Coupon Code: 1100011632. It is a Shopping Pass good on a Jewelry/Accessory purchase until May 8th. They can just type that number into their computer, but if anyone wants this paper copy, let me know.)
Marcasite Pendant
Sterling sliver.
18″ Chain

Here’s the proof baby! (However, I will say that whoever was going to pay $90.00 regular price would be considered a little crazy in my eyes!)


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