Coconut Mocha Frappe

23 Aug

The other day I went to the coffee shop with a friend of mine, and she ordered a “Cocomocho Frappe”. She let me try it and it was SO delicious! I went back the next day and bought one…and the next day…and at $5 a drink I figured I would be broke before the end of the week at this rate! The only solution was to come up with a recipe to make it at home. (And yes, another option would have been to quit drinking them, but who wants to do that??? Which reminds me that this would be a great time to pick up my Made to Crave book again and reread it…right after I finish this frappe.)

I actually started with the Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee recipe. It really is perfect iced coffee. NOW, I do realize that you need to do this ahead of time, about 8 hours in advance, and some of you are about to stop reading right here. However, if you just trust me on this, you won’t be sorry! I actually half PW’s recipe and keep about a gallon of iced coffee to keep in my fridge which allows me to make an iced coffee anytime I want!

If you are too lazy to do this, just brew some strong coffee the night before and put it in your fridge. You do NOT want to add hot coffee to ice, in my opinion, because everything will just taste watery.

Once you have your PW coffee ready, just follow this recipe and blend, blend, blend! This has actual coconut and chocolate chips in it, so don’t be scared to blend for a LONG time, long enough to where you don’t have chunks..ewww. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy, and hope you can save your hard earned money and make your coffee at home once in a while!

(I did try to do some “swap -outs” by using sugar free syrup and coconut milk, which has only 80 calories per serving. I’m not giving up my sweetened condensed milk though, so just deal with it! You can always substitute that with whatever sweetener you prefer, but that is jus a big ol’ fat mistake in my book! Sweetened condensed milk rocks!)

Coconut Mocha Frappe

Printable Recipe


•1/2 C. shredded coconut, toasted

•3/4 C. strong coffee, chilled

•1 C. Silk PureCoconut Milk

•1/4 C. chocolate syrup (I used Torani Sugar-Free chocolate syrup, but if you don’t have this, Hershey’s will do the trick.)

•2 Tbsp. sweetened condensed milk

•2 Tbsp. milk chocolate chips

•1 tsp. coconut extract

•3 C. ice


1. Toast your coconut in a skillet on medium heat for a few minutes. Allow this to cool completely before adding to the blender.

2. Add all ingredients into the blender and blend well.

3. Pour into a glass and garnish with whipped cream or any other topping you prefer.

This makes 2 servings, so you can share with your hubby, if you are feeling generous.



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