6 Sep

I have come to the conclusion that I do too much. I have too much stuff..and it’s just time to de-clutter and simplify my life! So, starting next week, I am going to start with ONE thing a day to de-clutter. It could be the bathroom linen closet, a junk drawer…or even my makeup! (OH NO!) I have accumulated a ridiculous amount, and instead of making me happy, it’s making me CRAZY! I am even going to be saying “NO” a lot more to those things that make me feel obligated. So get ready, if you ask me to be on a committee, or something else along those lines.. the answer just MIGHT be a NO! And it has nothing to do with anything other than it is time to take care of ME.
I recently just happened to come across this book, The Minimalist. I don’t even know how I happened to find it. Maybe it was a sign from God.. I don’t know! Because TRUST me, this is not the kind of book that I usually choose to pick up and read. It was only .99 cents on Amazon, so I figured I would give it a go.
Now, I promise you, I am NOT going to become a “Minimalist”. There is just NO way. This girl doesn’t do Christmas presents (meaning she tells people to not get her any presents..which makes me sure she is probably a certifiable lunatic.. haha:)), doesn’t have window coverings in her house, doesn’t decorate for Christmas, and doesn’t use mascara! NO MASCARA??? C’mon! I am sure people would appreciate it if she wore some.. a tube of mascara doesn’t take up THAT much space! Anyway, regardless of her crazy ideas about things, she does make some good points, and she has good tips on decluttering and simplifying your life.
One of the main reasons I need to declutter is because I feel stiffled! I am drowning in a sea of stuff. Stuff that really doesn’t make me happy! SO while I am not going to become a hard-core minimalist, I do realize that having 18 plastic mismatched cups in the cupboard isn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye. And I know that it’s mostly just my eyes that see it, but if it is making me feel anxious, well then I am going to get rid of it!
It is about to be the perfect garage sale weather, so I am about to get started! I am going to try to see if I can put a little of the money back into the bank account, money that I have slowly spent on all of this junk. It won’t be much, but it will be something. So garage sales, eBay, Swap Shop, and Goodwill…here I come! So, if you can remember what it is that I have in my house, and you think I might part with it.. ask me! I am about to be throwing stuff into a great big NO KEEP pile! This includes my ridiculous collection of cookbooks! Now, I LOVE cookbooks, and I will keep a FEW. I mainly find myself going to the internet everytime I need a recipe. And now I have a Kindle, so is there really any need for books??? Nope. But you can have them.
I am a little late for the Spring Cleaning, but it has definitely hit me. We have books, toys, dishes, etc. running out of our ears, and it just isn’t normal. I feel like it is taking the focus away from a lot of things, even spiritual things.
Don’t you feel you could be a more “Spiritual” person if you didn’t have a house and a mind full of clutter?? Well, I DO! So, that’s my goal. I want to be able to wake up in the mornings, brew a cup of coffee, and read my Bible without feeling like the house is about to fall in on me.
I know it’s ridiculous that it has gotten to this point… but I need to fix it! There are lots of other people in the world who need this stuff more than I do.
I am even going to go so far as to wish I didn’t have a TV…but I am pretty sure that with the football season starting, that’s going to be a no-go with the hubs.
However, I can guarantee that it won’t be on nearly as much when he isn’t home though! And my kids aren’t going to like that one bit, but tough love baby! For all of us… starting with my makeup drawer I think. Before I can get everyone else organized and decluttered, I guess I better start with me.
So, just be prepared to follow me on this journey. I am going to post before and after pics..even if they are embarrassing! I am hoping it can keep me motivated to go in the right direction.
Here’s to a simpler life!–Amber
OH–and BTW, if I can get rid of most of this stuff.. I am going to save every dime I make and every dime I find…and I want to buy an iPad for me and Chris! (See, I told you I can’t become a hard-core minimalist! I am already planning my next purchase.. but ONLY IF.) Besides, an iPad can hold all of your books, it’s your internet, it’s everything..all in one simple package, right?? There’s my reasoning!

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