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6 Nov
I realize I am late getting this post up. It is already November! Regardless, the girls had a Happy Halloween. They were decked out in Disney Princess Costumes. Macyn loves Snow White, or “Nose White” as she calls her, and Addison picked Cinderella. I was almost certain she would pick Rapunzel, but I was wrong! I honestly don’t even think she has ever seen Cinderella, but I think the crown on the Disney website drew her in. We ordered everything from the headbands, to the wands, to the light up shoes… however the shoes were WAY too small. I won’t ever buy Disney Princess shoes again, for that reason. They are too hard to figure out the size, especially when buying online.

We went to the church Hallelujah Night and met up with some friends. Here is Bubba in a CUTE monster costume playing games with Macyn.

They bowled for candy, fished for candy, threw bean bags for candy…you name it. Of course, the #1 attraction was the bounce house.

Gorgeous Annalise

The girls loved this holiday, especially since playing dress up is what they love to do! 🙂