30 Sucks Pajama Party

5 Dec
My best friend recently turned 30 and to celebrate, we had a “30 Sucks Pajama Party”. There were strict instructions to not bring your children! When you turn 30, you at least deserve a little grown-up time without being interrupted with the constant barrage of “Mama, Mama, Mama”. However, our “grown-up” time was thought to be best spent by having a sleepover. A throw-back to remembering our younger days, if you will. 🙂 It was very cliche. We even watched “13-going on 30”. (Well, at least I did. By the time we got to the movie, the term “Sleepover” was taken literally by most.)
30 really doesn’t suck, but we really wanted to make some sucker center pieces for the tables. Cute huh?! (At least I don’t imagine it really sucks. I will soon find out.) We also had cereal boxes for breakfast since it WAS a sleepover.
Here is the set up 🙂 We gathered here in my Studio. I love this room by the way. This is my space: the place where I work, craft, chit-chat with friends, etc. I am working on turning it into a “Coffee Shop” themed place, little by little.

And the Birthday Girl’s favorite cupcake (according to her husband) is a Pumpkin Cupcake. I decided to make Pumpkin Spiced Latte Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Icing. I found the recipe here. I stuck with the recipe for the most part. I nixed the espresso powder and used instant coffee granules, added more sugar (why not?!), and a cream cheese filling. Now the icing job is lacking on all accounts, but that is what happens when you are impatient and won’t go to Hobby Lobby to buy a large Wilton decorator tip. All that matters was the cupcakes were delish 🙂

HA-Here is the Birthday Girl, Cassidy. I was trying to leave her nameless, in case she cared, however …. (Sorry, I don’t photo shop.)

We got wild and crazy with a game of Phase 10 🙂

This was my sly way of seeing all of the cards everyone had….haha! 🙂

We set up an air mattress in the living room and the kids were all too happy to play on it in the morning. 🙂 Here is MK enjoying her cereal while sitting on it.
And here is my other little sweetie. She spent the night with a friend of ours..and had a WONDERFUL time! (Thanks again HOLLY!)
And yes, Holly is the coolest; she even paints fingernails whatever color you want…and that includes EVERY color. 🙂
I would say that Cassidy’s turning 30 was pretty anticlimactic, but that’s how we want to keep it! I mean, 30 isn’t the end-all. Martha Stewart didn’t become “Martha” until she was 41… so we have plenty of time to accomplish what we want to, Lord willing. 🙂
Happy 30th Birthday Cassidy! Love ya 🙂

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