Nothing says "I Love You" like a Ring Pop & Pizza!

14 Feb
Chris and I actually celebrated our Valentine’s Day last night. Mr. Social wanted to make sure and miss the crazy crowds, plus my parents were willing to watch the girls last night. 🙂 We went to our favorite restaurant…. Applebee’s of course, and then we went to see the movie Safehouse with Denzel. (I thought it was a fantastic movie, btw. Very suspenseful.)
So it is a low-key V-day over here. We are hanging out with Mamaw today, instead of our usual Friday visit. She bought the girls some little Valentine’s heart candies, so they are as happy as can be. (And they are actually playing Cinderella as we speak… and Mamaw is the Fairy Godmother. Needless to say, the girls are LOVING it.)

I bought the girls some Princess Ring Pops, and they are happy little campers. AND.. since they are only 2 &4, they don’t have anywhere to actually go to make Valentine’s cards, so instead we are going to hit the clearance rack tomorrow and snag some cheap valentines. We are going to stock up. It’s the best time to get little cards to color to keep them occupied, PLUS all of the little stickers. MK is the sticker queen. I frequently have to “de-sticker” my house, but as long as they have fun!

AND…we are going to go get a heart-shaped pizza today from Papa Murphy’s. I will take any excuse I can get to have pizza! Just remember, nothing says “I Love You” like a Ring Pop and a Heart shaped pizza!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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