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How to Refill Lysol No-Touch Systems

27 Mar

I wanted to share a little money saving tip for all of you who like to use the Lysol No-Touch Systems, whether it be in your bathrooms for hand soap, or in the kitchen for your dish soap. I actually bought this system when there was a really great coupon out for it. (I think it was a $5 off coupon, and it was on sale. Yipee!! They are normally $9.99 at Wal-Mart, but if you check around there are always coupons and sales.) The best coupons are always for the whole system though, and not necessarily the refills. And the refills are my opinion…for as soap as you get anyway.  It is$3.47 at Wal-Mart for the refill, and it’s really small. SO, I needed to know how to put the dish soap of my choice in one. (And again, I can practically get dish soap for FREE with coupons at CVS. I have a back stock of dish soap, so I wanted to use the soap I already have in this system.)

I will say that the tops of Lysol Refill Bottles do NOT come off…at least not without a crowbar. *sigh* What to do?!

HERE is what you do:

Pour your dish soap into an all purpose bottle. Stick the tip of the all-purpose bottle into the hole on the top of the Lysol Refill container, and PRESS DOWN HARD, and squeeze!


Easy! I already had an all-purpose squeeze bottle that I use when I make sugar cookies with royal icing. This is my “flood” icing bottle. You can go to the store and get a ketchup bottle from the kitchenware section if you can’t find one of these. You can also get these bottles at Hobby Lobby near the cake decorating items.

Of course, my FAVORITE scent in the whole world is GAIN. I wish we would get some GAIN scented Scentsy bars. I would seriously buy them in bulk. Seriously.


HA! Take that Lysol with your ridiculously expensive refills! 🙂



Cookbooks I Crave

24 Mar

Ok, so I know what I want everyone to get me for Christmas…ummm I mean Easter: COOKBOOKS.

I seriously cannot get enough of them. I have so many on my wish list, it is ridiculous. I will keep my list down to my top 5 for now though. I normally am a fan of the digital books when it is anything else, but with a cookbook, I need a hard copy. I have tried just getting the Kindle version of cookbooks, and I just prefer to have an actual book in my hand. Here are a few that I am “craving” at the moment.

1. Matt Martinez Mex Tex Cookbook: When I lived in Dallas and worked and went to school at The Criswell College, I used to frequent this Mexican food restaurant called “Matt’s”. I really think it was called “Matt’s No Place” but if we just referred to it as “Matt’s”, everyone knew what we were talking about. It is one of my favorite Mexican Food restaurants. I LOVE the salsa…and weirdly enough, I really want the recipe for the Tortilla Soup. I don’t live in Dallas anymore, and I would love to be able to replicate a few dishes that remind me of my college days. The Tortilla Soup is not your traditional tortilla soup. It had veggies all throughout it and it was more of a yellow, creamy soup mixture, not the typical chicken broth, tomato-type tortilla soup. I have no idea if the recipe is in this cookbook, but I am sure I would find something I would love to eat cook. I didn’t eat anything there that I DIDN’T like, and you can ask my husband, I am PICKY. I attribute it to being a fabulous cook. I would rather eat at home most of the time vs. eating something just “so-so” that someone probably made in their microwave.

2. Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my Frontier: I have Ree’s first cookbook and I LOVE it. I cannot find a recipe in there that is not good. She is a wonderful down home cook. I know that most of the recipes are on her blog, but I just love holding a cookbook in my hot little hands. 🙂

3. Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook: Can you sense a theme here?? Southern Cookbooks. I am from TEXAS. I consider myself Southern, and Southerners know how to cook!

4. Joy the Baker: I subscribe to her blog, and I think this cookbook will be a fabulous addition to my collection. 🙂

5. The Whole Hog: Need I say more?!

Frito Snack Mix

23 Mar

So tonight I am planning on vegging out, (Ok, that makes me think of sitting around eating vegetables, and I am definitely NOT doing that. I do know why it’s called “vegging out” but I still can’t shake the image of chowing on celery sticks when I hear that phrase.)…eating snack food and watching a Redbox movie BY MYSELF. Heck yeah! I found this recipe for some Frito Snack Mix on Recipe Girl’s Blog. I was totally intrigued. It was actually a guest blogger who posted this, but I couldn’t resist the salty/sweet combination. (Plus, my dad works for Frito-Lay…and I am definitely a “chip” girl. I have been my whole life. So anything you can add chips to…well, I am on board!) It was so worth it. It is DIVINE. 🙂

Frito Snack Mix

This is seriously some fabulous snacky goodness.

I actually started off my night with a hot bubble bath though, and I just HAVE to tell you about this shower gel that I found at Wal-Mart. It HAS to be a Philosophy dupe! I have blogged about my Coconut Frosting Shower Gel/Bubble Bath before. It is a favorite of mine, but I ran out…and it is pretty pricey. ($16)

When I stumbled upon this at Wally World, I was excited. It LOOKS just like the bottle that my Coconut Frosting came in…and it SMELLS super yummy…and it was less than $7!! SCORE! It is called I love…coconut & cream. It is located in the Cosmetic section over by the Makeup, NOT by the other bath and shower gels, just FYI. There was also some body butter in this scent, as well as an “exfoliating shower smoothie”. They had other scents too, but this one was the one I wanted. 🙂

I am also pretty sure that you know enough about me to realize that I also love to read. I do the majority of my reading in the bathtub…and I am not ashamed to say that sometimes I can stay in there for a couple of hours. (What can I say? It’s a poor girl’s hot tub, look at it that way…that I can be naked in. Although if I do get a real hot tub, I might just sit in it naked anyway…why not? Consider yourself warned.)

Right now, I am reading Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.

It is HILARIOUS, however I am offended by the “Fat Girl” on the cover. PLEASE! That’s ridiculous. I am pretty sure the author isn’t a skinny minnie…and I wish she wouldn’t use an actual SKINNY girl on the cover of a book about a so-called “Fat Girl”. Don’t make me take my own photo… I really would, but I am too busy eating my Frito Snack Mix. Another time…

Anywhooo…. I am planning on watching Jack and Jill tonight. I rented it from Redbox for FREE. I was actually standing in line, waiting for my turn at the Redbox and a girl behind me was kind enough to give me a free PROMO CODE: DVDONME. No harm in trying, and it worked! I have no idea how long this is going to be a promo, but go grab yourself a movie and give it a try. You can also try BREAKROOM and DVDONUS as well.

I will let ya know how it turns out. All I know is that I have a movie, a snack, some free time, and my kids are ASLEEP!! Now if only I had a grape Fanta… KATY! 🙂

Ciao for now!


How NOT to potty train your child…

11 Mar

Ok, so we have been trying to potty train MK now for a while. It has been DIFFICULT. Addison, my oldest daughter, was a BREEZE when it came to potty training. I was almost spoiled to it. She was wearing big girl panties at her 2nd birthday. She still had to wear a Pull-Up during the night, but during the day, she was COMPLETELY potty trained. I just told her what to do, and she did it. No questions asked, no problems at all.

THEN, here cam MK. She is 2-1/2, and up until recently, she has NOT wanted to have anything to do with potty training. She has told me, “No Mom, I baby. I no tee-tee in the potty.” SO aggravating. No matter what I have tried, nothing has worked.  We decided to do the potty sticker chart….nothing. I bribed with M&M’s…nothing. I told her we would buy her a new baby doll…nothing. I told her if she is a big girl, she can get a new big girl bed… nothing. *SIGH*

So with all of that being said, she decided yesterday to do #2 in her Pull-up. Knowing I would be aggravated at her, she decided to change her Pull-Up herself. NOT a good idea. Needless to say, I had to clean up several places all over her rug…and she had poop all the way over her leg.. thigh to ankle. OMG.  I had had enough. I told her “That’s IT! No more. Next time you poo-poo in your Pull-Up, I am going to take it and smear it ALL over you… your arms, your legs, your face. We will see how you like THAT!” (OF COURSE, I would never do that…it was a totally empty threat…which she took to heart.) She seriously looked at me and said, “THAT”S NO FAIR.”  I said, “Do you think it’s fair that I have to clean up poop from your carpet, from your clothes, and everything??!” End of discussion. I left the room after I cleaned it up, and decided to go grab a margarita.

BUT—I GUESS IT WORKED! That was only yesterday, and TODAY she has gone to the potty TWICE! I didn’t even know she was going. She went in there all by herself, pulled her little step stool up to the big potty, and went! Now, I realize this is probably not the best way to potty train your child, threatening to smear poop on them from head to toe, but I will say that it was effective!! Woohoo!! 🙂

(However, she did say “YAY!!!! Now I get M&M’s, a sticker, a new dolly, a new carseat, and a big girl bed!!” UH-OH. )

Team Crush

5 Mar

Saturday was Addison’s first soccer game. She is on team Crush, and she LOVES soccer so far.

Addison and her buddy, Bubba are on the same team….yay!! 🙂

We have a great coach. He was very good with the kids and even gave Bubba a pep talk when he needed one. We are excited to have him because he is very patient with the kiddos. They recruited a little help from a work friend who is good at soccer, and I think they are going to get the kids going in the right direction. (Literally. :))

She did really well for her first soccer game, but you could tell she was unsure of herself and what to do. She has a nervous habit of playing with her hair when she is uncertain or uncomfortable. I have no idea where she gets that. 🙂

And of course, I made sure she had some fabulous socks and the perfect hairbow to match! Just because you are going to get all sweaty, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing it!

They had a team huddle and a little direction from the Coach.

We didn’t keep score since they are the itty bitty team. They are just now learning what to do. Our team DID make a goal…in the wrong net though! They were cutie pies and fun to watch. I am looking forward to watching more and more games in the future! Go Team Crush!! 🙂