Team Crush

5 Mar

Saturday was Addison’s first soccer game. She is on team Crush, and she LOVES soccer so far.

Addison and her buddy, Bubba are on the same team….yay!! 🙂

We have a great coach. He was very good with the kids and even gave Bubba a pep talk when he needed one. We are excited to have him because he is very patient with the kiddos. They recruited a little help from a work friend who is good at soccer, and I think they are going to get the kids going in the right direction. (Literally. :))

She did really well for her first soccer game, but you could tell she was unsure of herself and what to do. She has a nervous habit of playing with her hair when she is uncertain or uncomfortable. I have no idea where she gets that. 🙂

And of course, I made sure she had some fabulous socks and the perfect hairbow to match! Just because you are going to get all sweaty, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute doing it!

They had a team huddle and a little direction from the Coach.

We didn’t keep score since they are the itty bitty team. They are just now learning what to do. Our team DID make a goal…in the wrong net though! They were cutie pies and fun to watch. I am looking forward to watching more and more games in the future! Go Team Crush!! 🙂


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