Frito Snack Mix

23 Mar

So tonight I am planning on vegging out, (Ok, that makes me think of sitting around eating vegetables, and I am definitely NOT doing that. I do know why it’s called “vegging out” but I still can’t shake the image of chowing on celery sticks when I hear that phrase.)…eating snack food and watching a Redbox movie BY MYSELF. Heck yeah! I found this recipe for some Frito Snack Mix on Recipe Girl’s Blog. I was totally intrigued. It was actually a guest blogger who posted this, but I couldn’t resist the salty/sweet combination. (Plus, my dad works for Frito-Lay…and I am definitely a “chip” girl. I have been my whole life. So anything you can add chips to…well, I am on board!) It was so worth it. It is DIVINE. 🙂

Frito Snack Mix

This is seriously some fabulous snacky goodness.

I actually started off my night with a hot bubble bath though, and I just HAVE to tell you about this shower gel that I found at Wal-Mart. It HAS to be a Philosophy dupe! I have blogged about my Coconut Frosting Shower Gel/Bubble Bath before. It is a favorite of mine, but I ran out…and it is pretty pricey. ($16)

When I stumbled upon this at Wally World, I was excited. It LOOKS just like the bottle that my Coconut Frosting came in…and it SMELLS super yummy…and it was less than $7!! SCORE! It is called I love…coconut & cream. It is located in the Cosmetic section over by the Makeup, NOT by the other bath and shower gels, just FYI. There was also some body butter in this scent, as well as an “exfoliating shower smoothie”. They had other scents too, but this one was the one I wanted. 🙂

I am also pretty sure that you know enough about me to realize that I also love to read. I do the majority of my reading in the bathtub…and I am not ashamed to say that sometimes I can stay in there for a couple of hours. (What can I say? It’s a poor girl’s hot tub, look at it that way…that I can be naked in. Although if I do get a real hot tub, I might just sit in it naked anyway…why not? Consider yourself warned.)

Right now, I am reading Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.

It is HILARIOUS, however I am offended by the “Fat Girl” on the cover. PLEASE! That’s ridiculous. I am pretty sure the author isn’t a skinny minnie…and I wish she wouldn’t use an actual SKINNY girl on the cover of a book about a so-called “Fat Girl”. Don’t make me take my own photo… I really would, but I am too busy eating my Frito Snack Mix. Another time…

Anywhooo…. I am planning on watching Jack and Jill tonight. I rented it from Redbox for FREE. I was actually standing in line, waiting for my turn at the Redbox and a girl behind me was kind enough to give me a free PROMO CODE: DVDONME. No harm in trying, and it worked! I have no idea how long this is going to be a promo, but go grab yourself a movie and give it a try. You can also try BREAKROOM and DVDONUS as well.

I will let ya know how it turns out. All I know is that I have a movie, a snack, some free time, and my kids are ASLEEP!! Now if only I had a grape Fanta… KATY! 🙂

Ciao for now!



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