Cookbooks I Crave

24 Mar

Ok, so I know what I want everyone to get me for Christmas…ummm I mean Easter: COOKBOOKS.

I seriously cannot get enough of them. I have so many on my wish list, it is ridiculous. I will keep my list down to my top 5 for now though. I normally am a fan of the digital books when it is anything else, but with a cookbook, I need a hard copy. I have tried just getting the Kindle version of cookbooks, and I just prefer to have an actual book in my hand. Here are a few that I am “craving” at the moment.

1. Matt Martinez Mex Tex Cookbook: When I lived in Dallas and worked and went to school at The Criswell College, I used to frequent this Mexican food restaurant called “Matt’s”. I really think it was called “Matt’s No Place” but if we just referred to it as “Matt’s”, everyone knew what we were talking about. It is one of my favorite Mexican Food restaurants. I LOVE the salsa…and weirdly enough, I really want the recipe for the Tortilla Soup. I don’t live in Dallas anymore, and I would love to be able to replicate a few dishes that remind me of my college days. The Tortilla Soup is not your traditional tortilla soup. It had veggies all throughout it and it was more of a yellow, creamy soup mixture, not the typical chicken broth, tomato-type tortilla soup. I have no idea if the recipe is in this cookbook, but I am sure I would find something I would love to eat cook. I didn’t eat anything there that I DIDN’T like, and you can ask my husband, I am PICKY. I attribute it to being a fabulous cook. I would rather eat at home most of the time vs. eating something just “so-so” that someone probably made in their microwave.

2. Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my Frontier: I have Ree’s first cookbook and I LOVE it. I cannot find a recipe in there that is not good. She is a wonderful down home cook. I know that most of the recipes are on her blog, but I just love holding a cookbook in my hot little hands. 🙂

3. Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook: Can you sense a theme here?? Southern Cookbooks. I am from TEXAS. I consider myself Southern, and Southerners know how to cook!

4. Joy the Baker: I subscribe to her blog, and I think this cookbook will be a fabulous addition to my collection. 🙂

5. The Whole Hog: Need I say more?!


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