How to Refill Lysol No-Touch Systems

27 Mar

I wanted to share a little money saving tip for all of you who like to use the Lysol No-Touch Systems, whether it be in your bathrooms for hand soap, or in the kitchen for your dish soap. I actually bought this system when there was a really great coupon out for it. (I think it was a $5 off coupon, and it was on sale. Yipee!! They are normally $9.99 at Wal-Mart, but if you check around there are always coupons and sales.) The best coupons are always for the whole system though, and not necessarily the refills. And the refills are my opinion…for as soap as you get anyway.  It is$3.47 at Wal-Mart for the refill, and it’s really small. SO, I needed to know how to put the dish soap of my choice in one. (And again, I can practically get dish soap for FREE with coupons at CVS. I have a back stock of dish soap, so I wanted to use the soap I already have in this system.)

I will say that the tops of Lysol Refill Bottles do NOT come off…at least not without a crowbar. *sigh* What to do?!

HERE is what you do:

Pour your dish soap into an all purpose bottle. Stick the tip of the all-purpose bottle into the hole on the top of the Lysol Refill container, and PRESS DOWN HARD, and squeeze!


Easy! I already had an all-purpose squeeze bottle that I use when I make sugar cookies with royal icing. This is my “flood” icing bottle. You can go to the store and get a ketchup bottle from the kitchenware section if you can’t find one of these. You can also get these bottles at Hobby Lobby near the cake decorating items.

Of course, my FAVORITE scent in the whole world is GAIN. I wish we would get some GAIN scented Scentsy bars. I would seriously buy them in bulk. Seriously.


HA! Take that Lysol with your ridiculously expensive refills! 🙂



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