Preschool Homeschooling Week 1: Day 1 & 2

25 Apr

This week we started our “Homeschooling”. I am using that phrase lightly here, hence the quotation marks, because this is my test run for it. 🙂 I DID go to a Pre-K round-up at a public school for Addison, but it is still uncertain whether we will get in or not since we are transfer students. I am not 100 % that this is the route we want to take yet either, but we have a little bit to decide.

I decided to start a Pre-K curriculum at home now so that I can find out if I am structured enough and patient enough to do this. (I think I am, but you never know for sure until you are in the middle of something like this.) Addison’s birthday falls right at the cut-off for Kindergarten. We would prefer for her not to be the youngest kindergartener in her class, so technically we have a year before we HAVE to make a decision regarding public school vs. homeschool.

A friend of mine, Michelle, gave me a couple of books to get me going in the right direction. I really respect Michelle’s expertise in this area, because she is an AMAZING mom and Christian woman. She has two adopted children and three foster children at home, all of them around the Kindergarten age and younger. She has the patience of a saint. I have seen her in action, and it’s inspiring. (I will admit, sometimes I feel like hiding in a closet by myself…and I have TWO children. :))

Anyway, so far we are working out of this workbook: Learning at Home. I like it because it is Bible based, and it uses resources from the Library. I have found that most of the books are not in MY library here however, because it was written in the early 1990’s. (I actually just looked at the copyright date, and it says 1990, so there ya go!) I did still use library resources though, just not the ones they had listed. I just used the library computer and found some books for preschoolers involving the sun, moon, creation, etc.

AND I am very excited to start this book: Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We did Lesson One already, and for Addison, it was a breeze. She is SO ready to start reading. She asks me why she can’t read yet and she get’s frustrated with the fact that she can’t. I know she is ready to start this book! It is using the DISTAR method, which is a phonics based method.

Even though MK is only two, she has really enjoyed being a part of this too. They especially love using the scissors! I bet Addison cut 5000 itty bitty pieces of paper up. MK is a little too young to actually know how to hold them right, but she still made slits all around her paper. Ahhh to be little again! 🙂

This is how we have it set up in my studio for our Homeschool. They each get their own table to work at. Notice MK has her trusty blankie and Ollie with her. (Ollie is a girl BTW…in case you didn’t know. I have been CORRECTED.)

And here is a view of my desk. I reward them with a star and a sucker if they do well and don’t get any X’s by their name while we are doing school. (X’s are given when someone talks while I am talking, or gets out of their desk without permission.)

Here is what we did for Day One: 

Lesson One in the DISTAR book: Learning the sound that “m” makes and how to write it, and the sound that “s” makes and how to write it.  We don’t refer to them by their alphabet name, when we see an “m” it is “mmmmmmmmmm” and an “s” is “ssssssssssssss”.

Learning at Home Day One:

1.) Go over school rules. (Basically, they don’t talk while I am talking, and when they talk when it’s their turn, I will listen. They don’t get up unless I tell them they can. They raise their hand if they need something… basic school rules stuff. Also they call me “Teacher” when we are in Homeschool mode.)

2. Take a picture of the children. (Above)

3. Give them their school supplies.

4. Introduce Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

Learning at Home Day Two: 

Bible: Read Gen 1:1-8 (Day 1,2, and 4 of Creation) and discuss and explain it.

Reading: Read a poem. Recognition of own name. (We practiced writing all of the girls names in full and put it on three pieces of cardstock. One for their room, one for the classroom, and one for the refrigerator.)

We took photos for our “All about Me” book that we will be working on. (The book has 12 different pictures to take, for example: Child: Standing-head to toes view, child in front of home, child with siblings, child with pets, etc.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Music: Sang Heavenly Sunshine, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

Arithmetic: Learn Top, Middle, Bottom.

God’s World: Read a book about the sun and the moon and discuss it. Have the child be the “moon” and you be the “earth”. Have child walk in a circle around you.

Physical Education: Throw and Catch the Ball. They also did the Insanity workout with me both days.

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

Art: We made a God’s Creation picture, concentrating on the “heavens”. They especially liked to use GLUE!

This pretty much completes our first couple of days! The girls really enjoy it and so do I!


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