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Whiskey Barrel Herb Garden

1 Jun

PhotobucketI have taken a gazillion pictures lately with the intention of putting lots of things up on my blog, however I never make the time! So here is just one of the many things that have been keeping me busy lately. I decided I was tired of buying those packs of herbs at Wal-Mart to cook with instead of growing my own. It really is ridiculous how much they charge for a clear pack of herbs…which die just a few days later. (I know there are some tricks to freezing herbs, etc…but I want to use FRESH herbs when I cook.) Don’t underestimate the flavor of fresh herbs…seriously.

I saw one of these cool whiskey barrels at Home Depot and just knew this was PERFECT for my herb garden. However it was ridiculously heavy. I nearly lost a toe putting it in my car. And this was all before I filled it with dirt and herbs.  I knew that once I did plant my herbs, there was no way I could move the herb garden if I needed to…or IS there a way? (Aside from asking my husband to heave this thing from place to place.)

Solution: CASTER WHEELS! 🙂 Just screw them on…and voila! I also drilled several holes in the bottom so that the water could drain out. I actually tried an herb garden last year and it was an epic FAIL. Last year I used very cute decorative owl planters from Hobby Lobby…with no drainage holes, so of course my soil rotted. Ewww.

PhotobucketI have a little helper. 🙂 Next, We added a layer of soil at the bottom of the barrel…while making goofy faces.


(Then I asked her to stop making goofy faces so I could take a picture…and this is what I get. *sigh*)

Then we filled a portion of the barrel with aluminum cans, topped it off with the rest of our soil, and then planted our herbs!

I am very happy with the results! Herbs need about 5 hours of sunlight a day, so I have them in a semi shady spot on my porch. It is perfect. They are thriving and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product! 🙂