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Preschool-Here we come!

31 Aug

We decided to put Addison in Preschool this year instead of homeschooling her. We had “Meet¬†The Teacher” today, and she is really, really excited. She found out her teacher is Mrs. Hiner.
Addison Preschool
We actually pulled up to the building, and she looked out the window and crossed her arms and got really huffy with me for a minute. “Mom, I thought I was going to a NEW school!” (Across the street, she could see where they held Mother’s Day Out, where she has been previously.) ūüôā She was very relieved when I told her that wasn’t the building she was going to. (Not that anything at all was wrong with Mother’s Day Out, it just wasn’t her “New School”.)

Anyway, I am convinced that Addison is going to the be the biggest Preschooler on the planet…especially now that we have seen the other¬† teeny tiny preschoolers. She had better enjoy it now though, because I have a feeling that her days of being tall are not going to last forever! ūüôā Chris always tells me he was the biggest kid in school, until about 7th grade, and has not grown an inch since!! haha

On the tables were all kinds of games/toys for the kids to play with. Matching shapes, counting cookies, etc. Addison liked making keys in a “patt-ren” (pattern).¬† They also had a little play room off to the side with play food and a kitchen. Addison had fun gathering fruit and ice cream and blending it up for smoothies.

You can find this game here.

Oreo match game

You can find this game here.
key game

She loved seeing her name on the table where she was supposed to sit and where she was supposed to hang her backpack up.¬† Macyn kept finding names that started with the letter “M” and would sit at that place at the table. Poor little sister…she is going to be so disappointed when she realizes that she doesn’t get to go to school too.

Overall, I am thinking we are off to a great start. Addison was mad when I told her it was time to go home. I¬†can already tell how much¬†she is going¬†to love it–Little Miss Independent! ¬†I anticipate a great first school year!! ūüôā

Happy Birthday & Crochet Gifts

30 Aug

I just finished this scarf for a friend of mine…who is moving to Colorado! ūüė¶ She is going to need it¬†since it is¬†snowy down there in the winter!¬†I am sad to see her¬†go, but she¬†is going with her husband to start-up a new church¬†there, so I guess I will quit being selfish and wish her well with her new endeavor! ūüôā

I found the pattern here. I don’t think I got it exactly right, just like the pattern though. There were a couple of “chain 2 spaces” that I couldn’t find. When I was confused, I just looked at the stock photo and figured it out. I am happy with the way it turned out. It’s very girly with all of the scallops. It doesn’t lay flat, and it has some texture to it. I love it.


We also¬†celebrated my girls’ birthdays.¬†They turn 5 and 3 this month…already!¬†We decided instead of having an actual party here, we would¬†get a hotel and let them spend the night and swim in the pool. When you are little, this is SUCH a cool thing. ūüôā We took them to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and to shop at the American¬†Girl Store. We invited¬†a¬†couple of friends¬†and my niece¬†to join¬†us, and as a Thank You for coming, I¬†crocheted them these dolly¬†blankets. I used turquoise¬†and orange because it matched the¬†Bitty Babies¬†outfits. I also found these cute Little Miss Muffin mystery packages to attach. It was just too¬†“Birthdayish”¬†with the cupcake package not to¬†include. Plus, it came¬†with a small stuffed animal for their babies, and a cookie cutter. (And I have a cookie cutter¬†addiction…seriously.)

My sweet girls with their birthday gifts!¬†Macyn¬†named hers¬†“Katally” ¬†(Ka-Tall-ee…don’t ask. I seriously don’t know where she got this name.) and Addison’s is “Mellie”. Mellie came about because Addison met a new friend named Melody..and this is just how she remembers it and says it. They also call them “Americal dolls” or “Miracle dolls” instead of American Girl Dolls. ūüôā When you are little, words can be confusing!


My husband works with a fella whose wife makes some AMAZING cupcakes. Seriously, these were the prettiest cupcakes…and¬†the TASTIEST. I am not even kidding. They were so moist and delicious…. and now I am craving another!!¬†*sigh* I might just have to call her up with another¬†special occasion and have her make something else! ūüôā

I also ordered outfits for the the girls that matched their dolls outfits. They LOVED matching their dolls.

Safety first! Addison buckled her doll up in the car with her.

Here are the girls at the hotel, pretending to sleep. YEAH RIGHT!

They loved the fact that there was a glass elevator, and they could see out¬†as we went up and down. We took quite a few elevator rides that night. ūüôā

This picture was right before Bethany, my niece, went ecstatic after seeing an In-and-Out Burger through the window as we were riding the elevator. LOL  She cracks me up. She was explaining to the girls how yummy In-and-Out Burger was.
And… I thought since I was posting so many photos already, I might as well post a few more that I took earlier in the week.

These are a couple of my crochet buddies:

This is Shai (Pronounced “Shy”). She is a¬†pro at crochet. She doesn’t read patterns, but she can look at just about anything and crochet it, which is pretty amazing in my opinion.

And this is my BFF Cassidy. She is learning to crochet too. See, I told you crochet isn’t¬†JUST for old ladies!

And of course,  this is me!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


Granny Stripe Crochet Blanket

23 Aug

MK is finally big enough to start gymnastics. She went for the first time last week. (And had I not been sick, she would have gone this week too!) She did really well, and she LOVED it. She has been itching to do anything that big sister does, so since she is officially three, she got to go! I took pictures of Addison when she started gymnastics and I wanted to do the same for MK.  My girls are getting so big!


AND…. here is my finished Granny Stripe Crochet! I¬†¬†cannot tell you how excited I was to finish this!¬†I thought it turned out beautifully.¬†Outside in the sun, it looks a lot brighter than it is. The “orange” stripe is really a coral color.

I especially loved the edging.

I actually started this as a future baby blanket… but I got a little carried away and made it HUGE.

The pattern was from Lucy at Attic24, if you are interested in making your own. This took me about a week to finish, but I was working vigorously on it.

Here are my¬†models…backwards skirt and all.¬†Haha

Now on to the next project…


Graduated Granny Blanket

2 Aug

So I decided to finish up my graduated granny blanket. (I used this tutorial. I literally stalk this lady’s blog. She is super fabulous, and she inspires me to crochet!) I thought about going another round with all of the colors of the rainbow again, but that would have required WAY more yarn than what I had. I decided to finish it off with a pinky/red border, which sounds really weird, but the color combo worked well in my opinion. I actually started out doing triple crochet stitches in a granny square pattern, but hubby thought it had too many large holes, so I shortened them to double crochets, doing a solid green row, and then back to a “three-one-three” pattern.

I figured it was the prime photo op too. I usually have the girls’ photos taken before their birthday every year, but we didn’t get around to it. (My photographer is in LONDON!! Isn’t that awesome?! The same time as the 2012 Summer Olympics!) Anyway, so I took some of my own photos with my crochet blanket as a photo prop. I do realize that I am definitely not a professional photographer….or crocheter either, but it was still fun.

MK & Addie


I really don’t think I have seen cuter kids.

I can say that… it’s my blog ūüôā

I mean, come ON!

Cuteness overload!
DSC_0029They were VERY cooperative since I promised them a monster cookie for posing for the pics for me. ūüôā Addison wanted to hurry because she was “melting”. It’s August in Texas fo sho.

I also held my own little crochet class at the house. We let the kids pretty much hang from the ceiling fans while I tried to teach some friends the basics to crochet. Kids, Yarn, PIZZA. That pretty much sums it up! ūüėČ ¬†Even though I don’t feel like I am certified to teach anyone this…I do know how to refer them to the internet and YOUTUBE! haha

I will say that regardless of the reasons WHY we get together, it’s always fun to get together with friends, old friends and new ones.