Granny Stripe Crochet Blanket

23 Aug

MK is finally big enough to start gymnastics. She went for the first time last week. (And had I not been sick, she would have gone this week too!) She did really well, and she LOVED it. She has been itching to do anything that big sister does, so since she is officially three, she got to go! I took pictures of Addison when she started gymnastics and I wanted to do the same for MK.  My girls are getting so big!


AND…. here is my finished Granny Stripe Crochet! I  cannot tell you how excited I was to finish this! I thought it turned out beautifully. Outside in the sun, it looks a lot brighter than it is. The “orange” stripe is really a coral color.

I especially loved the edging.

I actually started this as a future baby blanket… but I got a little carried away and made it HUGE.

The pattern was from Lucy at Attic24, if you are interested in making your own. This took me about a week to finish, but I was working vigorously on it.

Here are my models…backwards skirt and all. Haha

Now on to the next project…


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