Preschool-Here we come!

31 Aug

We decided to put Addison in Preschool this year instead of homeschooling her. We had “Meet The Teacher” today, and she is really, really excited. She found out her teacher is Mrs. Hiner.
Addison Preschool
We actually pulled up to the building, and she looked out the window and crossed her arms and got really huffy with me for a minute. “Mom, I thought I was going to a NEW school!” (Across the street, she could see where they held Mother’s Day Out, where she has been previously.) 🙂 She was very relieved when I told her that wasn’t the building she was going to. (Not that anything at all was wrong with Mother’s Day Out, it just wasn’t her “New School”.)

Anyway, I am convinced that Addison is going to the be the biggest Preschooler on the planet…especially now that we have seen the other  teeny tiny preschoolers. She had better enjoy it now though, because I have a feeling that her days of being tall are not going to last forever! 🙂 Chris always tells me he was the biggest kid in school, until about 7th grade, and has not grown an inch since!! haha

On the tables were all kinds of games/toys for the kids to play with. Matching shapes, counting cookies, etc. Addison liked making keys in a “patt-ren” (pattern).  They also had a little play room off to the side with play food and a kitchen. Addison had fun gathering fruit and ice cream and blending it up for smoothies.

You can find this game here.

Oreo match game

You can find this game here.
key game

She loved seeing her name on the table where she was supposed to sit and where she was supposed to hang her backpack up.  Macyn kept finding names that started with the letter “M” and would sit at that place at the table. Poor little sister…she is going to be so disappointed when she realizes that she doesn’t get to go to school too.

Overall, I am thinking we are off to a great start. Addison was mad when I told her it was time to go home. I can already tell how much she is going to love it–Little Miss Independent!  I anticipate a great first school year!! 🙂

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