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Trick or Treat

31 Oct

Here are a few pictures of my little monsters. Right now, as I am typing this, they are “practicing” going Trick or Treating. :)  One has to be in the bedroom to open the door with goodies, while the other yells “TRICK OR TREAT, GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!”, and then they switch… over…and over…and over. By the time the Fall Festival gets here, they will be worn out.

I love these kids.  Hope everyone has a great Halloween!



Here’s to 60!

23 Oct

My father-in-law and his twin sister just celebrated their 60th anniversary, so I decided to make a little something for Aunt Jane for her Birthday. (I didn’t think Tony would have appreciated the crocheted scarf and hat as much as Aunt Jane would have. ha-ha) Although we DID think he would like a hat. The reindeer ears move, and the hat plays a song. My mother-in-law also celebrates a birthday in October, so it was an all out Birthday Bash!

Tony Hat

Chris also made his dad a shirt. He’s a mess. You guys DO know what happened to Big Tex, right?! Makes me sad. We actually took our kids to the State Fair of Texas this year, right before he caught on fire. I am glad that they got to see him at least once, although I am sure they will rebuild him. Anyway, Big Tex has been around for 60 years, and now so have Tony and Jane! Ha-ha


AND here is a pic of Tony and Jane..and the enormous pig they had cooked for their birthday bash. I was not there to see this giant pig in person. I stayed home with the kiddos. Addison saw this picture though, and I think she was considering becoming a vegetarian. (Until I told her that bacon is made from a pig…and she was all like “YUM”) That’s my girl!

Tony Jane Pig

Poor Big Tex. I had to throw this picture in here, just so you could see for yourselves, if you hadn’t already.big tex2


Now onto what I made for Aunt Jane! I call it the stash scarf, because I obviously did not go out and buy this many yarn skeins so that I would have it multi-colored. I used some colors from my yarn stash! Of course, it is a granny stripe. I am addicted to granny stripes…and rainbows. Apparently I can’t quit. I promised myself the next project would NOT be rainbow. WRONG!


My gorgeous models:


My friend Shai made this fabulous hat for Aunt Jane. I was on a crochet deadline, and she was gracious enough to help me out! I crocheted a matching Irish flower to attach to it. (Excuse the Bob Marley hair. I can’t do anything with it..and I am tired of trying.)


Anyway, here is to year 60! Hope it was a Happy Birthday!

Red heartAMBER

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Yard Sale Goodies

5 Oct

I really didn’t intend to garage sale today. I actually am supposed to be getting ready for my own yard sale tomorrow. (Even though the forecast looks like rain and cooler than normal. I am praying for a miracle.) I actually saw this globe from the road, and turned around. I didn’t have any cash (because I had cleaned out the change in my car at the previous garage sale that I didn’t intend to go to either.) 🙂 The lady held it for me until I ran to an ATM to get some money. It was only $4!


These trays were on a FREE table at a garage sale. I thought they were vintage/cute. Not sure where they will go yet, but somewhere! I looked them up online and saw one selling for $28.95 shipped…and I have two for free! Not that I am selling them though, cause I like them.


I got this shelf off of Swap Shop to go in my bathroom. I went to play Bunco with some ladies from church, and the hostess had one of these cheese grater earring holders. (Mine is from Etsy because I was too impatient to try to dig for one or happen upon one at a yard sale.)


I redid my bathroom, but I still need a new shower curtain. I haven’t found quite what I am looking for yet. I put my bracelets in this wooden pedestal bowl from (It’s not letting me do links for some reason. Oh well! Copy and paste in a browser if you want.) I love jewelry..can you tell?! Now I have it displayed so it’s easier to find. Before I had it stuffed in drawers, bags, hanging on doorknobs, you name it! Now it’s all organized and easy to find. I had forgotten about a lot of items, so it was exciting finding new things again.


Don’t judge me.  I used to manage a Francesca’s Collections store in Dallas, and I HAD to wear jewelry. They totally had to twist my arm. (Sense the sarcasm people.) It was the best job, but I spent a lot of what I made on all the awesome stuff. *sigh*

See my rake necklace holder? Cool, huh? Also copied from my Bunco friend. What can I say, she’s got good taste.  (Ignore the ugly alarm clock. It has to stay, if I want to stay married…)


Just thought I’d share a glimpse of my world here with you! Now I have to get busy tagging stuff for a garage sale…that probably will get rained out.