Yard Sale Goodies

5 Oct

I really didn’t intend to garage sale today. I actually am supposed to be getting ready for my own yard sale tomorrow. (Even though the forecast looks like rain and cooler than normal. I am praying for a miracle.) I actually saw this globe from the road, and turned around. I didn’t have any cash (because I had cleaned out the change in my car at the previous garage sale that I didn’t intend to go to either.) 🙂 The lady held it for me until I ran to an ATM to get some money. It was only $4!


These trays were on a FREE table at a garage sale. I thought they were vintage/cute. Not sure where they will go yet, but somewhere! I looked them up online and saw one selling for $28.95 shipped…and I have two for free! Not that I am selling them though, cause I like them.


I got this shelf off of Swap Shop to go in my bathroom. I went to play Bunco with some ladies from church, and the hostess had one of these cheese grater earring holders. (Mine is from Etsy because I was too impatient to try to dig for one or happen upon one at a yard sale.)


I redid my bathroom, but I still need a new shower curtain. I haven’t found quite what I am looking for yet. I put my bracelets in this wooden pedestal bowl from www.myblessingsunlimited.net/abarber. (It’s not letting me do links for some reason. Oh well! Copy and paste in a browser if you want.) I love jewelry..can you tell?! Now I have it displayed so it’s easier to find. Before I had it stuffed in drawers, bags, hanging on doorknobs, you name it! Now it’s all organized and easy to find. I had forgotten about a lot of items, so it was exciting finding new things again.


Don’t judge me.  I used to manage a Francesca’s Collections store in Dallas, and I HAD to wear jewelry. They totally had to twist my arm. (Sense the sarcasm people.) It was the best job, but I spent a lot of what I made on all the awesome stuff. *sigh*

See my rake necklace holder? Cool, huh? Also copied from my Bunco friend. What can I say, she’s got good taste.  (Ignore the ugly alarm clock. It has to stay, if I want to stay married…)


Just thought I’d share a glimpse of my world here with you! Now I have to get busy tagging stuff for a garage sale…that probably will get rained out.



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