I Heart Stitching!

22 May

I have been doing some embroidery projects and wanted to share a few.  This is the picture that Macyn picked out for me to stitch for her. I am making a pillow with it. So far, I have the top done! Yay! I will post pics of it when it is completely finished.


I love hand quilting. It is so pretty! I just like the way it looks vs. machine stitched…even though I am new at it and my stitches aren’t always the right length.


I used scraps to make to make the patchwork topper!


I also bought some #8 DMC Perle Cotton. I am really enjoying stitching with it because it’s only one strand. An IG user, Bitsofstitching, introduced me to it. (She also has a blog btw: BitsofStitching)






I am also joining in on a Stitch Along with BitsofStitching with this Barney Park Sampler from Charlotte Lyons’ Etsy store. It didn’t come with a stitch guide or anything, so I am just doing whatever stitch I feel like, which was the point of buying it… I would love to learn some new embroidery stitches.  I  am using this website for instructions on new stitches: Rocksea Embroidery.


Here are some of the stitches I used on the roof: Back Stitch, reverse chain stitch (probably the most common stitch I use), braided chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, satin stitch, feather stitch.

Braided Chain Stitch

For the yellow flower, I used an eyelet stitch and outlined it with a backstitch. I think it made it look like a marigold flower.  I actually ran out of thread on the gray, so its not finished yet. I just had to come to a stopping point because I was stitching at my mother’s house, and we had to pack up to go home! 😉 The leaves are a lazy daisy stitch, and the frame around the window is a raised chain band.


My girls fight over who this is in the window. They both think it’s a picture of them.  I did lazy daisies on the edges, and the satin stitches outlined with a back stitch in Navy. The coral color is a reverse chain stitch, yellow a back stitch, and gray French knots.


The tree trunk was a really cool stitch. I used a whipped fly stitch… and outlined the sides in a back stitch.. of course! 🙂


The pink was supposed to be a pyramid stitch I think, however, I didn’t know that stitch until after I had stitched it. It still looks the same though, but probably would have been neater and easier if I had done it correctly.


MK is my little model when I am taking picture of my projects. 🙂 She ALWAYS wants me to take photos of her. Hehe.. she even put on her fancy rings.



She is explaining that the cat in the sampler is our new kitten,Gatsby…and the dog is our boxer, Dixie….and of course the girl is her.


If you are interested in doing the “Stitch Along” go visit Charlotte Lyon’s Etsy Shop and grab a sampler! It shipped quickly. 🙂 And you don’t HAVE to get the same one I did, but I think it’s pretty cute. Just tag your photos on Instagram with the tag #housewrenstudio.  If you want to follow me on IG, my user name is barber1029.

Happy Stitching!


3 Responses to “I Heart Stitching!”

  1. Bits of Stitching! May 22, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    Great post on your stitching plans for your sampler,… that website you are using to learn is very informative! Since I have 2 girls, I will be stitching the boy as a girl by changing the hair ;-), maybe that’ll solve your little ones’ arguments as to whom gets to be the girl… LOL. Have fun stitching! Oh… and thanks for the SAL shout out!

    • olivegypsy May 25, 2013 at 2:36 am #

      Absolutely! That is a wonderful idea!! I may be adding two little girls to mine too. 🙂

  2. Bits of Stitching! May 22, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    (forgot to add)… The perle cotton is lovely! You chose great colors. I hope you like stitching with it!

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