First Day of School 2013

3 Sep

So today was the first day of school for us! The girls have been so excited to go. Addison was ready to show everyone that she had lost two teeth, and MK just thinks she’s a big girl and needs to go! Addison goes every day now and MK goes Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, today was a free morning for me!!  I had coffee with friends. YAY!  I was really looking forward to some “Me” time, but that still didn’t stop me from getting teary when I left them there at school. These are possibly my only babies, and they are already going to school. Where did the time go?!


I love this photo. It is typical little sister looking up to big sister. 🙂 Addison made sure to stick her arm around MK on the way into her class this morning. Makes my heart melt.





When I picked them up this morning, they had nothing but great things to say. MK “yuved” it and of course Addison was right in her element. She is all about social activities!! 

Anyway, I am extremely blessed to have two sweet girls, and as much as I enjoyed my free time, I missed these little boogers. It’s a good thing it’s only half a day y’all. I am going to probably have a heart attack when all day First Grade Starts!  Pray for me now 🙂


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