Cascade Quilt Top

11 Oct

I recently responded to a post on IG from Susannah Kate,asking for quilt pattern testers, and in return, I got to make this fabulous quilt top!  I LOVE it…and it was really easy to do. I can’t wait to quilt this and show you all what I picked out for the back, binding, and all.  I think picking out fabrics is such a fun part of quilting, but can also be quite maddening. These were not the original fabrics that I picked out. I totally cut the original fabrics an inch too short somehow, so I had to regroup. I actually like my color choices better this go around anyway, although I will be doing SOMETHING with the 1930’s repro fabric that I have cut up.



It is an overcast and windy day here, so I enlisted some help to hold the quilt down so that it wouldn’t flap around in the wind.


AND they were oh, so helpful! hehe


Serious only for a split second, but I love it. 🙂


Anyhow, here it is! I am proud of it. The pattern was super easy to follow too. Very doable for a beginner! Go check it out on her Etsy shop! You will be glad you did!


One Response to “Cascade Quilt Top”

  1. susannah kate at 11:20 pm #

    This is totally freakin’ AMAZING!!!!! I love it so much!!!! Thank you, thank you for volunteering to make a Cascade quilt!
    Susannah Kate

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