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Stitch Fix #1

19 Aug

I haven’t blogged since 2013… but i figured it was time to start back!
Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I honestly don’t even know how I happened upon it…but I did, and I thought it would be fun to try out.

How it works: You sign up for a monthly “Fix”. It costs $20 initially. This is a stylist fee. Your stylist then picks out 5 items to send you. (You specify price range, size, style, etc. when you fill out your online profile.) You can decide once the package arrives, and you see your items, whether or not you want to keep them and pay for them, or send them back.  You also have the option to attach one of your Pinterest boards to your profile onoine, which I did. I attached my Fashion board. If you keep at least one item, the $20 fee that you paid earlier gets credited back to you. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount off of your total.

You can also get a referral credit. SO.. click my link if you decide to sign up and help a sister out!  (Stitch Fix)

Y’all.. I LOVE this.  I can tell this could get addicting. I wish I could afford to have it sent more than once a month. (Which by the way, you can do. You can have it sent more frequently, or less frequently.)

My stylist really paid attention. I loved every single piece that was sent to me. My stylist is FABULOUS.  Picked clothing out for me better than I could have.

  1. Kate Boyfriend Jean $78.00
  2. Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top $44.00

I am in LOVE with these jeans. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me right because…well, I am more than blessed in the backside. Usually, if I find jeans that fit right in the butt and legs, they are too loose around the waist. These were a PERFECT fit. I wore them today, and they didn’t get all saggy and baggy after wearing them for 30 minutes like most of my jeans do.

And the top?? Polka dots?? So up my alley. For some reason I associate polka dots with “I Love Lucy”… and that’s always a win-win for me, because y’all know how much I do love Lucy!


Say hello to Charlie. He’s not worried about my new outfits.

I love how this top is lower in the back than the front too. 🙂



3. Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse $58.00

imageI love the studded detail of this blouse. I actually pinned several of these in different prints. The undershirt wasn’t the right fit but hey, it came with it, so no biggie. I will probably wear a navy cami underneath instead. image

4. May Chevron Print Knit Back Top $54.00

This was the one thing I was unsure of when I pulled it out of the box. It’s not something I would traditionally pick for myself. But I L.O.V.E. this shirt. It also has a zipper detail in the back that I didn’t photograph.  It’s actually the first of all of the shirts I have actually worn out, surprisingly.

(And speaking of photograph. Next time.. I MIGHT charge up the Nikon for some better photos. No promises though.)



The last item was this necklace. I love the quatrefoil pattern, so this was a definite win for me. I like that it’s gold too. I have quite a lot of silver necklaces, but not gold, so I will incorporate this into my outfits for sure.


Trisha Clover Charm Layering Necklace $32.00


But let’s be honest. I was heading to the grocery store…so even though the heels looked better, I opted for my sandals. I am on the hunt for a pair of ankle boots that I can wear with these jeans when fall gets here.

Charlie was totally bored with my fashion show, as you can see.