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We are expecting…

7 Jan

I had a friend tell me the other day that she doesn’t know anyone else whose life does a 180 degree turn around as often as mine does. And this, my friends, is the truth.

I am actually sitting here at the computer, eating a toaster scrambler at 10:45 at night, reflecting on our recent life changes. There are too many that are still raw for me, and some of you who personally know me, know the challenges we have faced recently.  And you know what I know through everything? The one thing that stays in the forefront of my mind and heart is that God is good. No matter what, God is good. I know God has allowed me to go through these things to bring me closer to him, and to continually grow me spiritually. And while I am in the midst of these times, it’s not fun, but I know God has a plan for our family.

Sunday night God’s plan for our little family changed yet again when we headed to the airport.

So yes, we are expecting, but not like I led you to believe. Sorry about that.. it was mean, wasn’t it??

But we are the proud new host parents to a wonderful, sweet girl from China, Yufei. She is here as a foreign exchange student visiting the U.S.A.

And you don’t even know how BLESSED I am. My heart is full of joy and excitement looking forward to the journey ahead of us.

I can already tell you that she is a wonderful addition to our home, and just her being here has started the healing process for me already. I have no idea how to be a “mom” to a 15-year-old. So you all pray that she has patience with me.  (And my horrid accent.)

Not only is this going to be an experience for this BRAVE sweet girl, but it will be a true exchange; An exchange of cultures where we will all grow and learn more and more about each other. I know we won’t ever be the same again, and for that I am thankful.

Welcome Yufei!