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Update on Baby2

18 Jan

Well, here is the newest sonogram of baby2. I have been meaning to post this blog for over a week now, so technically this is an old sonogram. You know how fast babies grow! Haha I was 9 weeks and 2 days along for this sono. My official due date is August 13th.
The baby was floating around upside down and so the head is at the bottom and you can see little arm and leg buds. (My mother thinks it looks like it has two heads. I hope not!)
I know a lot of you have emailed me and are wanting to know how I have been feeling. Well…SLEEPY! Which is why I have been terrible about emailing back! When Addison takes a nap, I used to have time to do blog updates and different things, but here lately, I have just wanted to take naps too. I figure I might as well try to sleep when I can now, because when baby2 gets here, it will just be wishful thinking I am sure. Especially if this baby is anything like Addison was. During my sonogram, it looked like it was doing aerobics…which is what Addison looked you never know, but I bet we will have another very very active child. 🙂

I do think the morning sickness is gone however. *fingers crossed* Yay! AND, spaghetti sounds good again. I also am LOVING the way coffee smells. Which completely contradicts how I was with my pregnancy with Addison. The smell of coffee and hamburger meat made me ill. Now, it doesn’t bother me!

I guess I am going to leave the blog at that…it has taken me over 30 minutes just to write this because Addison keeps wanting me to stop and blow a feather so she can catch it and say “Where Go?” Haha So, i am going to go and enjoy it. Peace Out!

Food Aversions and Cravings

3 Jan

I am positive I am carrying a Filipino baby! (Not that i wasn’t sure beforehand…) But I officially have had cravings for Fried Rice! Haha So, just in case you were wondering Chris–It’s yours! This baby wants to eat like you do! I have been wanting some of my mother-in-law’s cooking so bad lately. And truthfully, if you have ever eaten it, it wouldn’t matter if you were pregnant or not, you would crave it too! Fried Rice and Lumpia are her specialty and they are absolutely delicious! (Lumpia is an eggroll with hamburger meat, carrot, onion, celery & water chestnuts inside…forget the cabbage eggrolls!) I have also been wanting food from Shogun! Which of course is the same type of food. I have been talking about it for days…and my husband surprised me with it tonight!! Yay! 🙂

I had spent all day studying and doing schoolwork and I was so mentally exhausted that i just did NOT want to decide what to cook for supper. So, Chris told me he would just pick up Mickey D’s, which was just fine with me! When he got home, he DID have McDonald’s but he had hidden some fried rice in the oven for me. So, when he told me to go open it up… I was beyond excited! First of all…who can afford to eat Shogun?? Well, if all you order is fried rice…it is only 2.50 a serving. You have to order at least two servings to, it’s 5 bucks! Not Bad! That is two servings pictured above…so I will get to eat Shogun again tomorrow!
See?? Isn’t my hubby the best and sweetest???

Ok..and in addition to cravings.. I have had food aversions too. NO ITALIAN PLEASE! Which is so unlike me. It makes me very nauseated and just the thought of it doesn’t settle well.

Ok though, enough about food! Addison said “I love you” today!! I wish she had said it to me but the lucky recipient was Dixie, our Boxer. (Now known as “Dickey”) Addison gave her a big hug and kiss and told her she loved her. *sigh*

Well, obviously I cannot make the “Lose Weight” resolution this least not right now, so I have come up with a few other goals that I would like to accomplish in 2009!
1. Read my One Year Bible EVERYDAY! So, of course, this means reading through the whole Bible this year!
2. Finish School! Preferably before the new baby gets here so my deadline is bumped up.
3. Read, Read, Read!
4. Be a more loving wife and mother. Not that I was an ogre or anything before, I just want to make sure I show my family how much I love them. I don’t want Addison to grow up one day and see me as a “scolding/negative” parent. (Although, don’t worry, there will discipline still too!) I just want her to remember getting lots of hugs and kisses. Same for Chris 🙂

So far it is already looking like a great year! In just two days,I have accomplished a good deal of schoolwork, eaten some fried rice, read my Bible, finished a book-Tribulation Force, played and loved on Addison, and watched a movie with Chris. Of course, this among my other daily routine tasks.
Oh–AND written a blog 🙂
It feels good to have made progress!

Hope you all had a great New Year as well!