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Lynn’s Fried Rice

15 Apr
My mother-in-law, Lynn (or Lola), makes the best fried rice. Everyone that eats her rice always wants the recipe, so here it is! It is so delicious, you won’t believe how easy it is to make.
First you start out with cooled rice. She usually makes hers in a rice maker the day before. She uses Mahatma rice. There is a difference in good Mahatma rice versus an off brand of rice, she will tell you! Then you break apart the rice so that there aren’t any clumps. She says to break it apart by hand; I don’t know why but this is just how things are done and I don’t question it. 🙂

Get a skillet going over medium heat, and add some oil and chopped garlic.
Now… I know this is going to be hard to believe, but you have to add SPAM! *gasp* Don’t worry, I am an avid Spam hater, and I ate this rice up like it was going out of style…and THEN found out she used Spam. I survived, and so will you. You will like it, I promise. The Spam adds the saltiness you need for the perfect fried rice. So, suck it up, and try it.

Next, you add your rice. The important thing to remember with the rice is to fold it over. If you do too much stirring, your rice gets mushy. Give it time to get a little of the fried texture on the bottom of the rice, then fold it over.

Now you need to add some soy sauce. I do not have a measurement.. just until the rice is a little brown.

You need about this much. It’s an exact science, as you can see.

Mix it all together by folding it over until it looks like this. You won’t get every grain of rice brown. It’s okay to see some white rice.

Now, add your frozen carrots and peas; however much you want.

Lynn. She’s pretty..and she can cook. 🙂

YUM-O! This is the perfect fried rice! She adds a scrambled egg sometimes too. When you do that, you just push the rice to the side, add a tad of oil (just enough so the egg won’t stick to the pan), and crack the egg directly into the pan. Then scramble it up and mix it with the rice. You can also add chicken to the rice. She’s even made this stuff for breakfast with bacon added to it. At first, it was a little weird for me, but who would turn down bacon fried rice?? Hello!

Addison loves Fried Rice. “Mommy loves rice, she eats rice everyday,” is what she told her teachers today at MDO. I assure you that even though it looks like it, that is NOT true, even though this stuff is good enough to eat every day. Try it out and see if you like it!

Macyn Kate

1 Apr

Well, I officially have a mobile baby. 🙂 Macyn is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. She is almost 8 months old (on the 6th of this month). She has grown so much, so quickly. I enjoy her so much. She is my cuddle-bug baby. She loves hugs, and kisses, and cuddling-which is nice, considering Addison never let me. Mamaw calls Addison “high maintenance.” She always has been. She is my fun, rowdy girl and Macyn is so lovey and laid back. It’s crazy how God can take siblings and make them so very different…and it is so apparent at such a young age! Who would have thought!
I took a few pictures of Macyn yesterday that I thought I would share!

Here she is ready for take-off!
She finds herself almost in a tee-pee position a lot nowdays. She’s not really sure what to do from here though.

Sweet smiles

And if anyone had any doubt who her daddy is…well, I am pretty sure that you can rest easy. This is her daddy’s look made over! She already has the famous Barber furrowed-brow down!

Loving the windy days!