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Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans

22 Dec

Here is what has been happening around our house with Rudy Snowflake! The kids have really enjoyed him being here…and he is always up to something. (With the exception of a couple of times when he was so tired, he must have forgotten to move.OOPS! Elves have to have vacation days too!)






And of course he can crochet!


Chevron Blanket

15 Dec

I finished the grey and white chevron blanket I have been working on! I am finally happy with it. I said I was finished with it earlier…but I just wasn’t happy with the border. I had done a single crochet edge on it, and it just looked too messy to me. Of course instead, I had to bust out the granny stripes! (Kind of.)

Here is the website that I got the pattern from: Good Knits (I LOVE the colors she chose.)

I tried to do a picture like she did, but I am no photographer! Chevron BlanketFF

You can see where I did a gray row of granny stripes for the border first. I wanted to end it with the white border, but when I used the traditional 3dc cluster, it was too many stitches and the blanket edge started to wave…so I just decided to do a 2dc in each open space.


I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Grey Heather and White. I love the “drape” that it gives. I am happy with it! However it’s not for me to keep! It’s for a customer. I hope she will be happy with it too.



(I haven’t forgotten about the Elf on the Shelf posts. I have been taking pictures of his shenanigans! I will post those soon!)

Elf on the Shelf: Day 3

7 Dec

What is better than candy and a ride on the Ferris wheel?Elf fair


Knowing your elf loves you enough to bring you a candy cane too.



Elf on the Shelf: Day2

6 Dec


Uh-oh! It looks like Rudy Snowflake might have Strep throat! I guess he got it from the girls. This is a picture from Tuesday night when we went to Salas Minor Emergency to have them checked out for flu and strep. Of course the Strep came back positive.


It did take the girls a bit to find him this morning. I think maybe Rudy should start leaving a trail…like maybe a tissue trail or something. I might have to talk to him about that.

Addison doesn’t think he is really sick. She thinks he’s “just kidding”. I guess we will never know….



Elf on the Shelf: Day 1

5 Dec

Nannie and Poppy bought the girls and Elf on the Shelf yesterday. We are SO EXCITED about him.

You DO know about the Elf on the Shelf right??! If not, you’ve been living in a cave….or at least without the internet. (In which case, you wouldn’t be reading this either.)  Here is the basic gist of it: This is a special scout elf. He reports back to Santa every night about whether the children were Naughty or Nice..and when he comes back in the morning, he is usually hiding somewhere new, or he has gotten into something he shouldn’t have. He is a very silly elf.

Meet ours…Rudy Snowflake. (The girls couldn’t agree on a name, so they both picked one. Addison wanted Rudy. Macyn wanted Snowflake. I think this is a huge improvement when it comes to names because the other day, Addison told me that she wants me to have another baby so she can name it Watermelon.) Elf Shelf

Apparently Rudy Snowflake likes to drive around in the Barbie Camper. I think he’s a little sweet on Sleeping Beauty too, since he convinced her to ride along.


There is one catch however. You are NOT allowed to touch the Elf. If you do, he loses his magic. The girls wanted to take a picture with him, but were extra careful not to touch. I think they showed amazing restraint. We will see if they can go all day long without touching him! I can’t wait to see what Rudy Snowflake has in store for us tonight!!


Thanks Nannie and Poppy for helping us start this new family tradition. If I can’t BE little… I think this is the next best thing! I love keeping the “magic” alive. I’m probably having as much fun as they are!